Countless events and things continue to take place all through the journey of life and some of them stay to manifest the life with something curious, momentous, pleasurable or unpleasant too. Sequence of events keep on moving as the river ceaselessly flows down. River moves on zigzag, sometimes, it goes down to murmuring flow aside or it goes forward overlapping its direction of movements. So, either be things on vision or be they beyond sights, all human beings are directed to all times to confront and consider new and newer things by their own perspectives and view points that contain stories of each day’s smiles and weeps, ups and downs in the succession of events of natural origins, man made or events of occupational and individual life.

Some of these rise as self complete, momentous keeping safe space bright, alive in the memory till the last day of life. They at times, become prime afresh and lively with various forms and new meanings.

While carrying on reminiscence with part or whole of the past, sometimes, there leaves little distance, shorter distance or a gap or variation in the transition of sequence of events, one of the two momentous things go overlapped or they, at times, get uniquely mixed in a astonishing metrical rhythm. Such things are found in my work of paintings as MIX and OVERLAP of Lines, Forms, Motifs, Shapes, Style and Colours, exactly to the tune of recalling the past.

Being on the journey, life is exactly like a river of violent current that makes headway through the land of difficult upward and downward approaches, Land of rough pebbles and fertility, green crop-fields even dense habitat. Life is really a river – a restless traveler without stop-over.

Experiences equipped with multiple characters of events through the journey flash back in my mind, thoughts and imaginations. The manifestations of the journey prevail here in the painting. My paintings are the humble reflections and representations of one or more pieces of thoughts, imaginations inherently carried with my journey.

Memory is neither dispossessed nor thrown out. What I saw, felt by cognition in life is a mine of thousand events with diverse forms, different tastes. My paintings open to view to tell one by one by picking out of the mine. My canvases speak in the language transformed into the Forms and Colours. What I picked up thorough the journeys have been expressed by using different colours in a very stable and well- set manner.

The hot events being momentous in the restless hours and days come to have reduced the intensity of HOT and MOMENTOUS character as a result of reminiscence.
So, those days’ experiences involving events of restless hours has become composed, pacified, mild, so the Language of my canvas has been expressed and manifested in VIBRANT COLOURS.

Knowingly or unknowingly, some incidents or individuals that are not involved in my system of daily working, appear sometimes, I feel it to have appeared or may appear that I have to face, adjust and sometimes to change myself for the time being. Those things and their reflections have been shown in my painting in the form of shadows.


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