LiGHT-FiSH is a young and vibrant Product Design company based in Auroville Pondicherry.
We collaborate with Artists, Designers, Engineers, Entrepreneurs and Architects and provide solutions from the conceptual phase to the final prototype.
Our strength comes from a passion to turn dreams into reality.
We have a wide range of state of the art lights .
We pride ourselves on our ‘facile monti’ style of construction which allows for easy assembly, anywhere and for anyone. We also take great care in making sure that all materials used are environmentally conscious.

Product Design is a balance of art and engineering which brings about a synthesis of form and function where efficiency, durability and precision are expressed with beauty.
LiGHT-FiSH is an innovative design company specializing in Product Design and 3D Animation.
Product Designers at LiGHT-FiSH conceptualize and evaluate ideas, making them tangible through sketching, 3D modeling, rendering and prototyping. Products are designed in a systematic approach bringing them from a rough concept to a final model ready for production.
Our products are minimalist, durable, practical and environmentally sound.
They are characteristically light – weight, customizable, easy to maintain, modular and flatpacked. Except for ‘The Acacia Series’ and our ‘Grappa collection’ all of LiGHT-FiSH’s lights are designed out of 2D planes that are laser cut, thus allowing for minimal waste during production.
Our 3D Product animation facilitates the understanding of unique design features, texture, structure and the varied usability of a product.
At LiGHT-FiSH, we understand what it takes to create new products and customize them according to our clients’ needs.


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