An Artist with a Cause

The transition from Law to Ceramics is to say the least – unusual. But our partner artist – Madhavi Kolte has done just that.

It was not something that happened out of the blue. As a child, Madhavi was an introvert. Creating something was the only way in which she could express herself. Along with effort of creation came the gift of creativity. With something as simple and endearing as greeting cards which she would make to gift to her loved ones. Says Madhavi “I’d do it with love; drawing and decorating them with innovative designs.”
And thus the seed of ‘creation’ with ‘creativity’ was sown in young Madhavi’s life.

Though she completed her studies in Law, for Madhavi “(her) heart always lay in creating magic with clay.” So she took to learning pottery under the able guidance of her “guru”, Mr. Bal Wad who was a director with Camlin (a company renowned for manufacturing art materials) and one of India’s most eminent ceramists and painters.
The keen eye of Mr. Wad appreciated her passion for clay and he encouraged her to understand it and use it as her medium of expression. Madhavi trained under her guru from 1995 to 1997. She considers herself to be exceptionally fortunate to learn different pottery techniques – building in slabs, coils and sculpting from Mr. Wad – till the end of the year 2000.

Her grounding in clay continued steadily as Madhavi began participating in group pottery showings. She assisted her guru’s daughter – Sujata Dharap, who is a renowned painter, in conducting workshops for children. And she evolved in to the field of ceramics by working on the basics of glazing with renowned ceramist – Nirmala Patwardhan.

Madhavi has worked with clay for over 15 years now, using the coil technique to express herself and her creativity. She believes that her art is not just an expression of herself but also of her social concerns that she hopes to convey to people at large – that of conserving nature.

woman-with-butterfly-ii-15x8x7-rs-12000_-_edited-11Passionately involved in her cause, Madhavi’s work exhibits curves, fluid lines and unusual shapes that manifest in nature. Her work has been showcased extensively both in India and abroad and finds pride of place in many private collections. Her sanctuary is her studio in Rahatni, Pune, where she creates sculptures, participates in exhibitions and conduct workshops for kids – as she is motivated to experiment via teaching. Madhavi is also a member of NCECA, National Council for Education of the Ceramic Arts , U.S.A., and hence visits and showcases her work at different exhibitions outside the country.

Believing in the power of Art and its ability to enable the mind – Madhavi believes that exposure to Art should begin early in life. Says she “Aesthetics is important in day-to-day life and every individual must have creative understanding. It will lift your spirit and help you to look at things in a positive way. Be it films, drama, poetry, stories, paintings, sculptures… any form of art can open your mind.”
It is indeed good fortune that has enabled Madhavi to discover herself and life through her artistic expression. One which we are privileged to be a part of as well.

Check out her collection here

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