Chemistry + Commerce = Aranya

Chemistry & Commerce are an unusual combination to say the least. But sometimes that which is unusual is what makes the difference. Our designer duo of Dr Vivek Prasad who holds a PhD in Inorganic Chemistry and Preeti Gupta who has a background in Commerce, are a testimony to this.

Passionate about and with a deep and abiding interest in sustainable design, the self-taught duo decided to set up their own line of eco-friendly home decoratives and jewellery about eight years ago. And so “ Aranya ” which literally means “green forest” which Vivek and Preeti see as the source of life and eternal energy, was born.


The designers are inspired by nature as well as tribal and folk art & craft but bring their own modern and contemporary design sensibility to their work. Their creativity extends to the material used in their art. The duo uses a new and improved version of the traditional papier-mâché as a medium for their contemporary designs. This new version was developed after Vivek and Preeti experimented with clay, paper pulp & natural and edible resin. A significant amount of research & development has gone into making their version of papier-mâché more refined, strong and partly water-proof, allowing the crafting of the finest designs on it.

This new and improved version of papier-mâché is completely bio-degradable and has been used to craft unusual sculptures and one of a kind jewellery pieces – ensuring that Aranya’s design and material research come together to make a strong and unique brand for discerning consumers.
Serendipity to say the least !
You can view and buy Aranya’s work here.

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