Light up an Indian Summer

For those of us lucky enough to live in technology created coolness – summer is kept at bay, outside of our homes. Possibly the only spot of warmth – is the lighting in our homes.

The way we feel at home is determined to a large extent by lighting. Different types of lighting can evoke different feelings – be it sensual, energetic or relaxing. And in summer – it is important to ensure a feeling of coolness and prevent a room from getting heated up due to the wrong kind of lighting.
Here’s what our lighting experts have to say about manipulating lighting in our environment and keeping things “ cool “ – this summer.




• Use natural lighting during daytime as much as you can to reduce heat and electricity consumption, but try to soften its intensity. You can ensure that light comes in to the room and prevent too much heat from building up, by using two layers of curtains – one which is light and sheer and a second which thicker and darker. This way you control the level of light and heat that enters the room.

• You don’t need to light up an entire room, focus light where you need it – using task or spot lighting where you could be reading or working or even cooking.

• Light coloured walls are a must for summer – and they can be complemented by cool, coloured lights in white and blue. In case you have strong colours or exposed lights on your walls – deflect attention from them by using a pendant lamp with a cool LED bulb and distribute lighting evenly around your room.

• Use lighting fixtures that are not only functional but are decorative as well – this way your lighting turns in to a decorative home accessory !streaked-pendant-lamp-1

• Switch to LED bulbs for your lighting needs. They are safe, energy efficient and thus economical and in contrast to regular incandescent bulbs, they give off very little heat. When you buy light bulbs – look out for those where the colour is represented using temperature – and ensure you buy those with a higher Kelvin temperature for a cool effect and lower temperatures. Refer to the image below on how to choose different kinds of light colours using the Kelvin scale.

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Ps. Special thanks to our partner designers Hari Kara and Studio Enoy for their inputs.

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