The “Rachaita” Success Story

Success is sweet.

And a function of ideas, words and actions that integrate to work consistently in a given situation to make it happen.

One of our most successful artistic partners – Lubna Joharali of the brand “Rachaita” exemplifies just this. A qualified fashion designer based out of Mumbai – Lubna’s first work assignment was in costume design under the arc lights of Bollywood. While the work kept Lubna busy and gave her great exposure – there was always that extra interest in Jewellery and Accessories.

Lubna recollects that there was a module in her Fashion Design course around Jewellery Concepts & Design and how to integrate it with outfits – but it was theoretical and on paper. That did not stop her from exploring her passion alongside of her work. By the year 2008 – Lubna had started creating limited but stylish hand-crafted jewellery pieces for friends and family. Pleasantly surprised by the delighted response – it was in the year 2010 that she took the plunge and set up her own jewellery label called “Rachaita”

Today, Lubna works with metal, silver, beads, pearls, stones to create edgy, unique pieces of fashion jewellery for the contemporary woman. She participates in exhibitions, sells her work online and also works with an NGO called ‘Trishul’ where she trains women in the craft of making jewellery as per her designs . Lubna also takes customised jewellery orders from both within and outside of India.

To what does she owe her success? In all modesty – Lubna attributes it to a mix of factors but a back-to-basics approach. Starting with a great product design. There is a conscious effort to create something new and interesting in colours, shapes, sizes and themes that go off the beaten track. Something that it’s user would want to wear and make a statement about herself.multi-pastel-set

The second aspect that Lubna is very particular about is the creation and craft quality. She personally sources raw material and while overseeing the making of each piece – ensures premium quality of workmanship and finish that brings a design alive.

Correct pricing is also something that Lubna ensures. She believes that her work should reach out to a larger audience who would be happy to wear it regularly and come back to her for more. Hence there is this conscious effort on her part – which has resulted in Lubna gaining regular and loyal customers.

Customer feedback and reviews are also taken very seriously. Inspiration for what can be designed next is also something that very often emerges from what her customers want. Some of the most unexpected and creative suggestions on Lubna’s work have come from her devoted customer base.

She attributes all the factors responsible for her success to a conscious decision to keep her business exclusive and focused and not a big, assembly-line based venture. By keeping the size of her business at an optimum level – Lubna believes she can focus on product design, craftsmanship and customer interactions to offer a complete and happy experience to her customers – while staying away from the standard, impersonal, big brand experience.flower-green-lc

There is also a lot of focus on the “Rachaita” store at where she is delighted with the response and love of her customers. And with lots of repeat orders. There are new products that are regularly updated with premium quality images, orders are despatched in double quick time with a small extra gift to surprise and delight her customers – making the entire experience a joy for both Lubna and her customer base.

So there you have it. Secrets of Success from a label that has established it’s elegant and signature style on

Check out her collection here.

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