Touch Wood

As Humankind evolved and started to use different materials to hunt, fight, and to survive – we used stone, metals and then- there was the use of wood.

Human beings have used wood since the beginning of their evolution. In fact, early man was quite skilled at moulding a piece of wood into a bowl, a weapon or a child’s toy. Over time, wood was used to build ships and of course – homes. Historians believe that the Egyptians especially became adept at fashioning things out of wood, especially animal figures, furniture, tools, wheels and weapons. Fast forward thousands of years and we still craft wood into so many things – be they high-end artistic products or everyday necessities. Different types of wood have different uses. Wood for tables is different from that which is used for structures and that which is used for art. 

There are both ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ woods – but the descriptors can be quite a misnomer. Even within soft and hard woods – there are different types of woods and they are used for different purposes. Cedar, Pine, Fir and Redwood are soft woods and used for making building exteriors, interiors and furniture.
Artists and craftspersons tend to prefer hard woods. That’s because hard woods tend to have more of a variety of textures, grain patterns and colours. However, hard woods tend to be expensive. One of the reasons for this is that hard woods take a much longer time to grow. Hard wood includes Mahogany, Ash, Cherry, Birch, Maple, Oak, Poplar, Walnut and Teak. Especially used for furniture and art and craft products – hard woods are now getting to be difficult to find and many fake versions abound.

Indian wooden craft products are popular in national and international markets. Each state in India has their own style of wooden crafts. Using wood such as White Wood, Cedar, Sheesham, Rose-Wood, Ebony, Walnut and Mango Wood – craftspersons and artists create statues, sculptures, furniture, wooden toys, and decorative items.

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