The Art & Craft of Polymer Clay

We’re constantly amazed at the dexterity and creativity pf our artistic partners. And therefore logically by the kind of material they use to express their creativity. A fair number use a material called polymer clay to create gorgeous jewellery and accessories. It is a versatile medium lends itself superbly to both simple and complex designs.

Actually the name ‘clay ‘is a misnomer – because it has got nothing to do with clay. People call it ‘clay’ because it has a similar texture. It comes in many different colours and you can make even more colours by blending two or more together. It works just like paint!

Polymer clay is a type of material that is used to model and make a lot of really pretty looking crafts. It can be shaped in ways that other clays can’t. Both kids and adults can make crafts with polymer clay because it is quite cheap. Polymer clay is smooth so it can be used for sculpting and to create fine details too. The clay can be cured, which means it is made harder by heat or chemicals. Curing polymer clay can be done in a conventional, toaster or convection oven! When baked in a home oven, it hardens to a solid state. Our partners work with a lot of tools to create even cooler and professional looking polymer clay crafts, such as a pasta machine or roller, shape cutter, a knife, push molds, stamps and bead rollers.

Polymer clay can be cut with scissors, inked, stamped, moulded, gold and silver leafed, inlayed, tiled, or cut with cookie cutters. It lends itself to beautiful embellishments with colours, powders, foil, metal and even mixes well with other craft materials depending upon the designer’s creativity .

In fact, polymer clay itself will withstand water, weather, and is extremely durable. The result?
Some awesomely beautiful and durable jewellery, animal sculptures, flower pots and much more.

And if we didn’t know better – we’d probably have ended up gobbling down the stuff – it looks that real and downright lusciously edible!

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