Beauty in Diversity

Rare is the artist who is proficient in multiple mediums of expression. Our artistic partner and renowned artist, sculptor, ceramist – Gauri Gandhi is one such rare phenomenon.

Born in Amritsar, Punjab, young Gauri acquired a Masters in Fine Art, specialising in Creative Sculpture from the renowned Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda. Her natural talent and thirst for
experimentation led her to work at the Artists Studios Hub in Garhi, New Delhi in the areas of Etching & Metal Beating in the year 1980. Gauri’s talent and hard work began to see her work being showcased at
exhibitions from as early as 1982 onwards.

She later moved to the prestigious Bharat Bhavan in Bhopal in 1985, to work in the fields of Lithography and Etching. This was also the time when Gauri’s interest in the field of Ceramics began to grow and she realised the need to nurture her passion.

Being a self-motivated person – Gauri began to take clay modelling and creative pottery sessions for adults and children during summer holidays around 1994. The success and popularity of these workshops led to customised workshops being conducted by her for corporates and institutions such as NIE for The Times of India, College of Interiors , Thermax, Infosys, Creative Bee and a number of private groups.

In 1995, after moving to Pune, Gauri decided to completely focus on her passion and began to learn
Advanced Ceramics from renowned artist – Nirmala Patwardhan, through till 1997.It was in the year 2000 that Gauri set up her own Studio – to experiment and create work in the field of Ceramics and to prepare for the many exhibitions she participates in and the commissions she receives from her artistic patrons.


Over the years – her work and installations have been exhibited at numerous events, galleries and exhibitions both nationally and internationally. Her artistic installations are unique and draw much
attention. And of course – not to forget lovers of her artistic style who own collections of her work, both in India and abroad.

Apart from her own work at Studio GG, Gauri is also an Assistant Professor of Fine Arts at the Flame
University of Liberal Arts & Sciences where she enjoys working with and sculpting young talent –
unfettered by the bonds of traditional education.

Gauri is a self-confessed “ experimental artist “ who enjoys combining different mediums or materials
to create unique creations. While many art-lovers know Gauri to be a ceramist – she however finds
many other mediums to be exciting, too.

Gauri’s work is currently up on WorldArtCommunity in the form of paintings in acrylic colours,
sculptures in ceramic and terracotta, unusual sculptures in brass and copper, in carved wood, in acrylic paint & ceramics, and even in ceramics combined with stoneware crafted on an acrylic sheet.

There are also carved wood surfaces which serve as a canvas for her painting or as a base for her
ceramic sculpture work.

The artists’ works are unusual and a spontaneous expression of her talent at working with different
textures, surfaces, colours, materials. We invite you to view these dramatically different creations and shop a uniquely crafted Gauri Gandhi original here

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