Grow your World Art Community Business on Facebook!

Grow your World Art Community Business on Facebook!

Be it a small store in your locality or a large, well-known brand, you will find all sorts of small and big businesses active on Facebook – the world’s largest social network. That’s because of the infinite opportunities it offers brands to connect with consumers and therefore to grow a business.

With over 1.87 billion* active users globally of which 191 million** are in India, Facebook offers a great opportunity to reach out to potential customers.

Read on for secret sauce tips from our in-house experts on using the world’s most popular social platform to market your WorldArtCommunity store!

Step 1

Set up a Facebook Page for Business.

We all are on Facebook and enjoy using it to stay in touch with friends and family and sharing special moments in our lives. So while we can use our own existing Facebook page to promote our brand, it is better to keep one’s personal and business lives separate on Facebook.

As a first step, set up a Facebook Page for Business which will be different from your personal Facebook page. Follow these simple instructions here . Once you have set up a Facebook page for your online store, you will be able to promote it.

 Step  2

 Link your Facebook Page to your WorldArtCommunity Store and vice-versa

 It is important to let your consumers know where to find you. So – on the “About” section of your store’s Facebook Business Page – add a link to your WorldArtCommunity store page. Another great opportunity to drive shoppers – is to link your “Shop Now “button on your Facebook Business Page to your WorldArtCommunity store page.

Step 3

If you get Featured – let the world know about it !

We look forward to sharing our most unique and cool products on our website home page.

And if  a product made by you gets featured either on our website home page or in any of our social media posts you tell the world about it, too and in the process create more awareness and traffic to your store ! Here is how you can do it :

  • Promote the featured product on the WorldArtCommunity home page on your own Facebook Page for Business. You can post an image and a description and a link back to the product page – with a call to action message.
  • And if any of your products feature in our Facebook posts – simply click ‘ Share ‘ at the bottom of the post – and share it on your store’s Facebook page.
  • And any product posts, images, videos and stories that you share on your own Facebook page – can reach a wider audience when you tag WorldArtCommunity in your posts!

Step 4

Encourage Sales with tagging and a call-to-action in your Facebook posts!

 When you are creating a brand new product post – use the “Get Sales” option and upload the product image and description of your choice.

Before publishing the post – ensure that you tag WorldArtCommunity in it. Ensure that users can easily go to the product page to check out and purchase, by including the link to the product page on your WorldArtCommunity store

You can also similarly promote other products on your Facebook page.

Step 5

Create your own Special Offers and cross promote products!  

Consistency is important. Promote your products and the stories behind their creation, regularly.  Create your very own special offers on products and post on your page. Or create a post or a note about your product story and offer.

In both cases – tag WorldArtCommunity and provide a link back to the product page on your store on the WorldArtCommunity website!

If you consistently work on building your store’s presence on Facebook and linking your posts back to the WorldArtCommunity Facebook page, while including a link to your store, you could give your business the edge it needs to succeed.

We’ll be sharing more ways and means to promote your store brand on social media. Continue watching this space. Do leave your feedback and queries in the Comments section below. We’re here to help and support in every way !

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