Crafting a Sustainable Lifestyle. The WorldArtCommunity Way.

In the times that we live in – where temperatures have been at their warmest ever – being concerned about the state of our environment is a given. Even if there’s not much that we do about it. We’re standing at an ecological crossroads. And major changes will have to take place in how we raise food, utilise energy, consume products and think about our waste – in order to maintain our current way of life. And to create a lifestyle where will reduce our carbon footprint where we consciously alter methods of transportation, energy consumption, and diet.

And hence – consciously living a sustainable lifestyle. That is something that also applies to our business.

Upcycled Denim Bag by Karashilp

But first – a context. Traditional craft is part of our heritage. Even today – millions of Indians still depend on indigenous modes of production, traditional skills and techniques to make a living based on handmade products. These craftspeople and artisans are the backbone of the non-farming rural economy. The majority of craft production has remained unorganised and informal with its full market potential untapped, especially by the artisan, who more often than not struggles for sustenance.

And there is a new and upcoming group of creative people who are world-weary and making radical changes in their life to discover their artistic side – inspired by traditional art and craft forms and re-purposing them in stylish, contemporary ‘avataars.’

Faros Chair – Upcycled by theretyrementplan

This is where the creation of our art and craft marketplace where consumers buy artistic products directly from their creators – has created an opportunity ecosystem that creates sustainable businesses. For income, growth, and competitive advantage. Using materials, tools, techniques and processes that have minimal impact on our environment. Empowering lives with social impact for their future. And celebrating the history and diversity of our tradition.

Inspired by both the traditional and contemporary art and craft of India, we’re celebrating the beginning of our third year as a brand committed to working with craftspersons and to bringing their work to you.

Artistic expressions crafted by our artistic partners in exquisite detail are at the core of our sustainable business. The WorldArtCommunity platform enables creation of successful craft-based businesses and drives economic sustainability. Usage of natural materials and traditional processes by our creators preserve and sustain craft tradition. Ensuring sustainable products – that have a zero or minimal carbon footprint. And which come home to rest in the worlds of our conscious customers – who are now making choices that help preserve the environment, the climate and other species.

This is only the beginning of our commitment to making a difference. Through our work and craft.

Explore and discover sustainability with us.

*Featured Products in this blogpost are crafted from waste material using the process of upcycling to create products that are both stylish and practical.

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