Home Décor Trends 2017

As the New Year progresses and seasons change – it will be time to refresh one’s spaces. So check out and keep in mind the year’s top home décor trends via our easy pointers. The trends are ( thankfully ! ) chic, stylish yet easy to follow and don’t need major upheavals or investments !

Quirky Lighting

Lighting is a great accessory for the home and can show off your unique design sensibility. A quirky lighting fixture looks great in a dining room – as it’s not really a space where one would see something unusual. You could also have quirky lamps at your bedside or in your favourite nook – and make those spaces truly inviting.

Batik Print Cushions by Shivani Shroff
Batik Print Cushions by Shivani Shroff

Tropical and Mixed Prints

Inspired by trends spotted on the fashion ramps, prints will be a great way to make a statement. Even cushions in crazy, mixed-up prints on a plain sofa will do the trick !

Upcycled Handcrafted - Sumo Chair by The Retyrement Plan
Upcycled Handcrafted – Sumo Chair by The Retyrement Plan

Hand-Crafted Furniture

Unique and hand-crafted furniture that’s very well made can be a great investment both in terms of looks and value. Look for pieces that will add character to your home.

Geometric Pattern Oporto Rug
Geometric Pattern Oporto Rug

Geometric Shapes
If you’re looking to create a home that feels curated, – a great way to accomplish this is through shapes and patterns. Think simple lines, geometric designs, and triangles inspired by geometrics from ancient cultures, in modern ‘avataars’.

Eco Friendly Planters by Kavi – The Poetry Art Project

Eco-friendly Home Décor
As the world becomes more ecologically-conscious, the trend will shift towards being simple and spacious. Upcycled products, indoor plants, large windows, eco-friendly accents will rule our world.
So pick and choose what works for you and check out our array of hand-crafted artistic creations on www.worldartcommunity.com and show your world a lot of love in this brilliant new year !

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