Fresh & Creative Ideas to Entertain in Style

What’s the secret to pulling off a fabulous and stylish soiree?

With a little creativity even the most stressful prep for entertaining, can be completely transformed. The more you think of your home as a gallery and your entertainment as performance art, the more likely you are to enjoy the process.

Our fresh, artistic and creative home décor ideas for your next event – will set the style for your next great do.

Light it Up

Even the best planned parties need atmosphere to make a great beginning. That’s actually half the battle. A low lit atmosphere with candles strategically placed can add glamour to the most basic party.

Birdcage Chandelier by Untold Homes


Twilight Big Floor Lamp by Sylvn Studio

Make a Statement

Place quirky curios and ornaments at unexpected places – on a windowsill, on top of paintings, bookcases and side tables, or hang them instead on pelmets, door knobs and more.. If these are old pieces from your childhood or travel and have a story – this kind of home decoration can make a great conversation starter.


Clear Crackle Apple by Cellar Door


Unified by Takshni

Say it with Flowers

Flowers can elevate your spaces to luxe lush, in an instant. Choosing tall, thin vases has an advantage – they look different, need fewer flowers and can be grouped together without being overwhelming. Or a collection of plain glass bottles with a themed set of flowers in different colours or different flowers in the same colour can set you apart brilliantly. A set of small shrubs in small containers can be arranged in a row to make a dining table center piece.

The Tropical Platter by Levoca


Moon Vase by HIIH

Set up an Elegant Table

Accessories will be key to your success, so begin with critical eye candy: candelabras and candle-stands. Or gently glowing tea-lights in pretty containers or glasses. The fail-safe option. Add other touches of delight to the table with small quirky trays – which can be used to store things such as salt and pepper shakers and condiments. Intersperse with battery operated light strings or lights for the wow factor. Keep wine glasses simple but experiment with funky water glasses. And if you’re doing elaborate crockery and serve ware, keep your table linen simple and vice versa !


Colour Bound Table Linen Combo by Zufolo Designs


Artsy Barni Set of 4 by Untold Homes

Personal Treasures make the Difference

Bring out your personal treasures to make things truly special. Let your choices speak about the person you are. Your tastes, your attitudes, your commitments. Even tiny favourite home accessories or a quirky serving dish can speak volumes. Make that statement but quietly.

Bent Neck Bottle Dish by Full Fuse


Allvaze Green by Mubhi Lifestyle

Plan, pick and choose. For style is everything.

Own it in the way only you can. Make it happen. Shop for home décor and home décor accessories on

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