Style A Coffee table

If you’re looking to give your living room or any other part of your home a quick refresh – consider investing in and then styling a quirky coffee table. Or simply take your existing coffee table and re-style it with our creative suggestions for extra flair.

Choosing a Coffee Table

Let’s begin with the coffee table itself. They are not really top priority and come to mind only after the sofas and the other seating in the room has been finalised. And while there’s a variety of designs, materials, shapes and finishes to choose from – keep in mind these factors before you make your coffee table selection.

If you’re buying a coffee table for the living room – you can get away with delicate, smaller, stylish designs and sizes. Anything being picked up for a family room would need to be more functional, sturdy and possibly minus any sharp edges or corners if you have kids in the house.

Remember that rectangular or oval shapes work smaller rooms and square or round coffee tables are good for large seating areas and spaces. Consider scale as well as actual measurements when buying. Select a coffee table that is no more than two-thirds your sofa’s total length. Do remember to leave enough room around your coffee table for leg space. At least a foot and a half between the table and the sofa is good. Your coffee table should be the same height as the seat of your sofa or lower.

Is your coffee table going to be the focus of attention? If yes – you need to ensure that it plays a starring role with its size, shape, finish and design. Check out our coffee tables in quirky designs that go with different types of décor.

Clockwise from left: Steamer Trunk Coffee Table,  Coffee Table with a ‘ Dabba ‘ BaseRaw Finish Coffee Table, Set of two Mango Wood Coffee Tables.

Coffee Table Style with Trays

Decorative trays or platters are a great way to make s style statement. They can help organize decorative bits and pieces. Or even turn into a space where stuff coming in from outside can be placed. Keep a tray basic and plain or fancy and stylish. Display a favourite collection of pebbles or an array of miniatures or any of your collectibles. Let the objects on your coffee table tell a story about your passions and memories.

Clockwise from left Trays Plus Coasters SetSet of Colour Coordinated Bowls and Trays‘Grass ‘ base Tea Tray.

Go Green & Eco Friendly

Your coffee table is the perfect setting for a small, low-maintenance plant. Place succulents that look pretty and change colours and need hardly any maintenance. Or choose a terrarium. A set of glass bottles can diffuse natural light and hold seasonal flowers beautifully. Or bring a garden indoors – in its miniature expression. The choices are endless and versatile and an organic, fuss-free way to bring life into your space

Clockwise from left:  Colourful Stoneware Planters. Mandala Shaped Succulent. Miniature Garden.

Light it Up

Your coffee table will go festive when you light up a pair of lanterns and let your room bask in their glow. Or let it give off a little candlelight glow. A series of tea lights or small candles in handcrafted containers are a perfect way to shine.

Clockwise from top: Set of Stainless Steel Lanterns in Rose Gold Finish, Set of 4 Channapatna Tea Lights, Ivory and Gold Candle Holder.

Make a Statement

Flaunt your one of a kind pieces. A tiny painting on an easel. Or a statement planter shaped like a vintage camera. An unusual statue of a meditating Buddha. Explore our curated selection and make your own statement .

Clockwise from left: Mini Mandala with Easel,Retro Style Camera Shaped PlanterCeramic Lotus Shaped Layered Platter.

Find your style and express it with and on your Coffee Table with a bit of help from us.

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