Celebrating World Photography Day

“I believe that photography has the power to tell stories, inspire generations and create positive impact in the world.” – Korske Ara , Founder World Photography Day

Celebrated on August 19th every year, World Photography day commemorates the event that took place in the year 1839, when the French government bought the patent for the daguerreotype and released it “free to the world”. The daguerreotype, which was invented in 1837, was the first practical photographic process.

That was then. Today, thanks to mobile phone cameras, more than 350 billion photos are now shot worldwide every year, of which over 250 billion photographs have been uploaded to Facebook.

We live in truly amazing times where the phone has put a completely new and different spin on the Art of Photography. Today’s selfie-loving generation has discovered the power of instant imagery and are busy taking just about any aspect of their lives public – be it at home, while travelling, with friends, while dining and more.  And since too much of anything undervalues it being as we are in information overload mode – photography and the images are also now undervalued.

But there is a school of thought – that recognises photography as Art – as an outstanding and memorable image can be only created by an outstanding photographer who is Master of his Art.

Fine art photography is created primarily as an expression of the artist’s vision, but it has also been
important in advancing causes. The work of Ansel Adams is one such example. Adams is one of the most widely recognised fine art photographers of the 20th century, who worked to further the cause of conservation. The ultimate stamp of approval comes from amongst the most well-known artists of our times. No less than a master like Picasso has said “ I have discovered photography. Now I can kill myself. I have nothing else to learn.”

Being committed to bringing you a beautiful lifestyle with the joy of art and craft – we are so proud to showcase the work of a select few artistic photographers and their vision of the world as seen through their lenses.

Secret garden by Satvic

Explore the work of Satvic who seeks the Ultimate by photographing light, because “ light is one of the most immaterial things existing on this earth,” in his words. His duo-toned images are almost poetic in their expression.





Ray Ban Sadhu

And then there is Jagdev Singh who seeks the “ inner significance of life” through his art.









The Wine

The work of DaHuez is bringing simple, accessible art to your spaces. In contrast the starkly beautiful work of









Meager Against Nature by Yin Yang

YinYang celebrates duality in nature where Yin is shadow and Yang is light.







Ganesha At the Doorway

And finally, Indipix which is an artist-run photography space that believes in the purity of the medium of fine art photography.








Asides of these – we are proud to showcase a more extensive selection of photo prints from some great names in colour, black and white and digitally enhanced versions here

And don’t forget to check out this fabulous, almost encyclopedic guide on how to arrange your favourite framed photo prints !

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