Diwali Gifting Inspiration – 2017

Gifting sweets and chocolates and dry fruits are now so passé. If you’re running out of inspiration and
gifting ideas – we’ve got the perfect selection for you to choose from. Our ultimate gifting guide is
guaranteed to make you the toast of your family and friends. So that you enjoy the festivities to the hilt !
Our selection stands out for one very important reason. Everything and we mean everything you see on
www.worldartcommunity.com is hand-made. Crafted from the design sensibilities of our artistic
partners and meticulously created from their efforts. And we give you many more reasons to shop
handmade this festive season !

Reason # 1

You can support local artisans and their craft, and therefore their local economy and community.  And in
turn help preserve crafts that would otherwise run the risk of fading away into oblivion.Choose from
our indigenous craft- themed selection that includes a folk art motif lamp, marble craft, clay work and
lippan work !

Clockwise from Left: Tribal Art Lampshade, Floral Inlay Tealight Holder, Braided Water Bottle, Round Lippan Panel

Reason # 2 

Handmade products are of high-quality and well finished and hence built to last. That’s because artisans
take immense pride in their work, and would want it to last.  Materials and trims are hand-picked by the
individual craftsperson which no big manufacturing company can claim to do.Delight in these artistically designed lamps – made from wood, concrete and metal. And this unique crescent shaped fruit basket crafted from teak ply !

Clockwise from Left: Lighthouse with Man Lamp, Hex Lamp, Crescent Fruit Basket

Reason # 3 

Handmade gifts are mostly one of a kind. And they are the best on the block.  Cool, trendy, unique, and
usually one-of- a kind, you can find some really awesome handmade stuff that’ll make everyone ask
“Where can I get one just like this?”

Choose from our selection that includes a quirky take on shot glasses, kandeels, decorative figurines, tea-light holders and more. We guarantee that you won’t find these pieces anywhere else !

Clockwise from left – Quirky Shot glasses, Silver Golden Kandeel, Worldly Women Kappi lamp, Emojis fridge magnet, traditional figurine, chair tea lights

Reason # 4

You can get customised products ! Since each and every item is made by hand, and you connect with the
person making it, you can modify the colour or size or motif of something you are interested in, or even
get a fully commissioned custom order done. The possibilities are awesome and endless.

So show your favourite folk some love with our extensive selection that includes personalised name plates, desk accessories, wall – signs,  metal cards, diaries and caricatures !

Clockwise from left: Custom Nameplate, Desk Organiser, Quotes over board, Stamped Walled Metal Card, Custom Hinge Diary, Custom Caricature

Reason # 5

You’re doing your bit for the environment.  Because handmade items aren’t made in a polluting, waste-
producing factory and shipped halfway around the world burning up huge amounts of fuel and energy.
Buying handmade and local products greatly reduces your carbon footprint on the world.

Go green this festive season with this truly inspired selection rafted from upcycled bottles, egg cartons, newspaper and more.

Clockwise from left: Maharaja Lamp, Wine Basket, Madhubani Bottled Frame, Egg Carton String Light, Hand painted bottle vase

Reason # 6

You can create a unique connection with your artisan.  You can get to know about the person who made
the item with their own hands. It’s like the artist is sharing a part of himself with you – and you are
privileged to know the artist as well.
There’s a warm feeling that you get – knowing that you’ve made a difference to someone’s life. And
that you’ve helped support someone directly.   You don’t have to pay middlemen – and other levels of
people – it’s just about you and the creator of what you are buying !

Get ready to explore our festive handmade gifting options – for a wonderful and Green Diwali this year !

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