The Art & Craft of Batik

The Craft of Batik is an ancient and complex art that has been practiced for over2.000 years with its origins in Southeast Asia. The word ‘Batik’ actually means ‘wax writing’. It is a technique used to print and dye fabric by applying a coat of wax, then dyeing it in different colours so that the wax resist technique creates a unique and beautiful design once the wax is washed away on the finished product.

The term “Batik” derives itself from the Javanese word, “Ambatik” , which literally means cloth with small dots or writing. Historically, Batik is the most expressive art form of all the ‘resists’ methods. The widening range of techniques that are available offers creative designers and skilled artisans the opportunity to use this technique in myriad ways.

At World Art Community and as part of our consistent effort to support craft and craft techniques – it’s a privilege to be able to share with you the story of Batik in India and how our artistic partners at Kosher Designs are working with a group of artisans based out of Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh to give the craft a fresh and contemporary appeal. Thus ensuring that our heritage gets a fresh lease of life and our artisans are professionally empowered.

Our showcase video is a delight to watch – with nimble fingered artisans creating magic on fabric, the swirls of vivid colours and the final wash where the wax gently gives up itself to leave behind a mosaic of batik for us to cherish.

Batik is a labour of love – being preserved by Kosher Designs and their very hands-on team. Their designs include geometric patterns , composed of interlacing circles and other shapes which have been passed down across generations. Then there designs using figures, animals or plants which are now increasingly popular.

While rough cotton fabric has been used for Batik – since it is robust, affordable and soaks up colours brilliantly – the team at Kosher is also upping their game with their range of premium batik products printed on soft cotton, silk, georgette and crepe. While Batik is traditionally associated with casual style – in pret and fast fashion collections, it is slowly being adapted to high fashion, high-end design and lifestyle products.
Team World Art Community is delighted and proud to support and encourage our artistic partners who are working hands-on with artisans and crafts persons to create fresh and contemporary expressions using the traditional craft of Batik. Come and explore the world of Batik with us !

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