The Story of A Mask. And Hope.

In these turbulent times – of fear and uncertainty in the times of COVID-19, the SVATANYA
women refuse to be bogged down. Doing what we do best and joining hands with World Art
Community, we are leaving no stone unturned to handcraft beautiful, reusable cotton fabric
masks. We are proud to share that you can buy cotton mask online and we will
deliver it to your doorstep.

COVID-19 has come as a rude shock for us all. But it also serves as a nudge to be cognizant
of our choices. It pains me to see the use and throw masks being used blatantly, because by
doing that are we not yet again causing harm to Mother Earth. It’s time that we ask  what
are we buying ? How has it been made ? How long will it last ?  Can we make a conscious
choice which helps us to be good & do good, not only to our environment but also
our  people! SVATANYA endeavours to provide us all with these choices.
SVATANYA is a social enterprise that trains underprivileged women, to make beautiful
handcrafted eco-friendly products. These women belong to migrant families from U.P,
Bihar, Jharkhand, Uttarakhand, Orissa and  North East India and are primarily homemakers,
living in the urban slums of Delhi. 

Addressing the current and dire need of the hour, we quickly trained the women to make
reusable masks using soft cotton fabric and are marching ahead – overcoming all the
challenges coming our way. Our handmade masks for kids and grown-ups are available in
cool colours and prints. To tackle limited resources and their availability – we have reached
out to our network – of women and other social organisations, to source raw material.
SVATANYA “SPOCS” have been created to distribute material and collect back the masks
made by the women in their homes either by hand or using sewing machines. Masks for sale
are then sanitised and packed while  keeping in mind all pertinent guidelines of social
distancing and hygiene.

Pick up and deliveries  are still a challenge and Team World Art Community and SVATANYA
are collaborating and working seamlessly, following up on each and every order and
ensuring doorstep delivery to our customers as quickly as possible while following all health
and safety protocols,

For these women artisans, making these masks for coronavirus is not just about livelihood
but also gives them a sense of normalcy even though it might be the “new normal”. It gives
them hope, that this too shall pass and we all shall overcome…and by buying these, you
contribute to this HOPE. You can buy these masks online.

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