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Looking at this photograph of a colourful yet tiny boat on Lake Geneva, in Vevey, Switzerland, one is transported to the quiet little  town  of Montreux, that transforms intoparty central as it hosts one of the world’s biggest wine festivals. With the French Alps in the distance and the Lavaux vineyards behind, a boat  ride like the one in the photograph taken by Saurabh Ganguly, is one of the best ways to explore Vevey and the surrounding Swiss Riviera

Stone Chariot by Hashergraphy

We’re just about beginning to re-discover our heritage – and here the name Hampi comes spontaneously to mind. Being a UNESCO World Heritage site and  the capital city of the Vijayanagara empire in the 14th century, what we see of Hampi today in all its splendour can only give us a glimpse of its grandeur and glory. The most compelling image that is associated with Hampi is that of the

Stone Chariot, dedicated to Garuda, located inside the complex of Vijaya Vittala temple. Built by the king Shri Krishna Deva Raya during the 16th century, inspired and fascinated with the Konark Sun temple chariot in Odisha, the king wanted one for his empire, hence, it was built. The architecture however, is inspired by the Dravidian art mirroring the skills of the early craftsmen and architects. And we love this image by photographer Haren Asher – shot from a different and very unusual perspective that makes us see it in a completely different light

Death Valley National Park by SachinSaganePhotography

Staying at home and dreaming  of your next adventure and  thethrill and rush that comes from extreme places and experiences ?

One such place, which is not only the hottest but also amongst the driest  places  in the world is Death Valley.

There are striking contrasts to explore, from snowcapped peaks  to endless desert plains,  both of which you can see in one frame.

This  image  captured by Sachin Sagane, speaks of this place in its most elemental form



Stone Carvings from Temples in Karnataka by Vinod Kulkarni

Considered to be one of the most impressive temple complexes in the India  these images present the Belur and Halebid temples of Karnataka,  their most intricate carvings. Built in the year 1117 A.D, it took 3 generations to  complete the construction of this temple complex.  A perfect mix of spirituality and love for architectural craftsmanship this image has been shot by Vinod Kulkarni

Naga Sadhu at Kumbh Mela by Jagdev Singh

The historic Kumbh Mela, made up of two words, ‘Kumbh’ meaning ‘the immortal pot of nectar’ and ‘Mela’’ means ‘gathering’, is the world’s largest religions and cultural human gathering. In a span of 48 days – one can see millions of pilgrims come in faith to the banks of the river and bathe in the holy rivers and complete their rituals. This photograph showcases a Naga Sadhu  at the  Kumbh, with his expressions and emotions captured up close and personal by our photographer artist Jagdev Singh

Mono Lake By Jayant Mahto

Nestled at the edge of the arid great Basin and the snowy Sierra Nevada mountains in California, Mono Lake is a 760,000 year old saline lake. . Home  to millions of migratory birds, this lake  covers an area of 70 square miles. This  image is  from the collection of the very talented photographer Jayant Mahto


Ancient Maritime Voyages by MGS Art

 “The great difference between voyages rests not with the ships, but with the people you meet on them” —Amelia. E. Barr.

And this,  also applies to life  as   those who  we  meet has the potential to make a difference to our lives.. Each person we meet can make us embark on a new voyage,. This photograph clicked by the extremely talented MGS Art, captures   old fashioned  deep sea fishing in the Arabian Sea on a windy day! The black and white imagery captures the contrasts between  the cloud formation above with birds flying and the depths of the ocean that can only hint at what lies beneath

Bridge Over Troubled Water by Carpe Diem

This rustic little bridge over a beautiful waterfall  captured by  our artistic seller  – Carpe Diem, is at Jana, Himachal Pradesh. The  off the map village is located 36 kms from Kullu, and abounds with lush greenery,  gurgling streams and charming waterfalls all around.   The place makes one feel like one is in a Hobbit movie – but in the here and now.

Create a gallery wall using one or all of these photo prints and let your wanderlust spirit run wild, well, within your four walls, for the time being. Once, life returns to normal, why not make a promise to yourself to visit as many places as possible, have as many experiences as possible and live life as it should be, with lots of fun and multiple adventurous experiences.
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