5 Artisanal Ways to Style Your Home Bar

A Home Bar can be a magnet of sorts. It’s that space that’s synonymous with fun, memories, friendships, secrets and possibly the occasional brawl as well.

As we make time to unwind with sundowners and more  – with family or very close friends – a Home Bar can be the high point of your evening. Some of us have managed to get customised bars created at home – but If you haven’t got yourself one ( yet ) then follow these simple pointers that will help you choose a bar cabinet or bar cart for your space from our handmade selection. These fabulous bars can also be customised as per your size and wood and finish requirements.

Choose the Perfect Bar

From Left to Right: Mango Wood Bar Cabinet and Reclaimed Bar Stools
  1. Measure your space. Measure the correct length, breadth and height of the entire area in which you plan to place your bar, from corner to corner. Accurate dimensions will ensure you know exactly which bar options will fit into your spaces – and which won’t.
  2. Know your bar’s function. What will you be using your bar space for ? Will you be hosting parties or just a few friends or just be there on your own some ? This will help you decide size, detailing and storage.
  3. Determine your style. What do you like ? If you like all things traditional – then a classic natural wood bar is what will work. If you are fine with clean, modern lines – choose dark, bold colours and clean lines and silhouettes

Now that you’ve got yourself the bar of your choice – give it your personal touch and let it speak for you. Or give your old faithful bar an upgrade and style your Home Bar in chic ways with our artisanal finds

Lighting for Atmosphere

From left to right – Cycle Chain Ceiling Lights, Tapered Cone Pendant Light

All the effort you have put into doing up your bar – needs to be seen and appreciated. So, keep it warm and low. Or discreet and on point. Choose from our selection of hanging pendant lights, table and floor lamps. All hand-made and in styles that range from stained glass to ethnic handmade to sleek industrial.

 Let the Walls Speak

Top – Snooker Magic Ball Art, Bottom – Beer String Art

Choose from statements that go with your mood. Or be inspired. Or contemplate the world with travel memories and photo prints. Support an artist painting her soul on canvas or one experimenting with unique art forms such as glass art. There is something that can make a difference to your walls here. Add colour. Explore. And choose.

Serve ware & Glassware Matter

Clockwise from left : The Sommelier’s Salver, Crystal Ice Bucket , Blue Pottery Zig Zag Beer Mug

That’s what the bar experience is about. One that enables touch, feel, taste experiences. Look out for unique one of a kind pieces. Hand blown. In edgy shapes and sizes. Mismatched sets and pieces can add to the feel. Style accent trays, snack bowls and plates in your favourite colours to complete the experience !

Go Green. Or get Coloured.

From left to right – Upcycled Bottle Planter, Hanging Planter

Yes – a plant – green or flowering or succulents can add an unexpected twist to your bar décor. Even better if they come alive in statement planters and pots.

Funk it Up

Clockwise from top left: 5 piece Bar SetRainbow Cocktail Set ,  Rose Agate Coaster Set , Bottle Shaped Bottle Opener

Bar Tools & Accents speak for your taste, your passion and for the kind of person you are. Express yourself with your choices and thoughtful attention to detail – with our handmade bar themed accents such as coasters, napkins, trays, wine bottle holders, bar tools, bottle openers and more.

A Home Bar and a well styled one at that – can complete your home décor. Whether you want to keep it simple or go over the top in traditional or modern “avatars” – the choice is yours. It’s that place where you can go beyond the obvious, be a perfect host and create the best place to relax, chill and to just be.

Shall we say Cheers to that ??!!

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