Home Décor Trends in Pandemic Times

The year 2020 has been unlike any other. As we ( depending upon our location ) – try and inch our way back towards the prospect of a somewhat “normal” pre-Covid lifestyle –our homes continue to be the centre of our lives. They’ve become our workplace, our café, our gym, our party zone, our playground and more. Being at home has also turned our attention to our home décor – as we channeled our creative ideas and DIY energies towards creating new trends in home décor.

We’ve got together a list of our 5 Top Home Décor Trends in Pandemic Times – check them out and plunge into them if you haven’t already !

Growing your own Greens

Since going out to purchase fresh produce has been limited and we’ve also become mindful of our health – the trend is now towards growing one’s own greens. Or planting seasonal flowers and vegetables. Or going the air purifying route with indoor plants.  Window sills, balconies, terraces, backyards, work desks, nooks and table tops continue to go green – and spending time around them has become more of a therapeutic activity than a physical one.

Clockwise from top: Wooden Bench PlanterUpcycled bottle planterMetal PotGalvanised Storage Caddy, Metal Planter

Efficient, Fuss-Free Workstations

Home offices are here to stay, as WFH becomes the important change created by the pandemic. As time goes by we’ve found spaces that we are most comfortable in and turned them into a happy and productive workspace while ensuring comfort. Using professional yet artisanal work furniture, we created atmosphere with the play of lighting and furnishings. And we made making it personal  by adding favourite accents that speak our style.

Clockwise from top:Up-cycled desk lampMalabar storage study deskKauff Leather chairTriombus desk organiser

Recycle & Reuse

If you don’t have the heart to give it away – recycle and re-use ! Clothes, furnishings, crockery, jewelry can all be reinvented in different avatars. Turn a wrap into a sofa throw. Turn mugs into desktop accents. Junk jewelry can be artistically arranged around candles and flower arrangements for festive sparkle. Work with what you have.  All you need is a bit of imagination.

Clockwise from left:Platinum Gold Hanging Decor, Cottage Chair with Mushroom Table SetPolka OwlBlack&White owl

Cutting Out the Clutter

Now that all the home spaces are being optimally utilised, decluttering the mess that was previously ignored, has become a habit rather than a trend. Especially since a lot of domestic chores are still being done without any additional support from house help. Storing and stacking up kitchen items organising office supplies and files. The use of spaces that were earlier neglected continues as we look to find more space to physically move around the house – channeling our inner Marie Kondo in the process.


Clockwise from top:Bedside Organisers SetWooden Cutlery OrganizerWooden Wine Bottle CarrierConcrete Multipurpose OrganizerWooden Wall ShelfConcrete Stationary Organizer

Dining becomes Special

Even though one can order in now – making something different and special at home has begun to make more sense. Trends like Dalgona Coffee may have gone – but we continue to bake bread, experiment with healthy street food options and more – using our fancy gadgets to whip up some love. The effort put into our cooking has also meant elevating our dining experience – creating a café or restaurant style with wine, candles, pretty linen and plating cuisine using unique and artistic plates and bowls.

Clockwise from top:Wine BasketGulnar Jahaan Cotton Table MatsTie And Dye Table Linen SetHandmade Semi Flower Table MatTea pot shaped Terrarium – Candle Holder

We’re making the best of these times and having the lemons that life has given us with tequila and salt. You can too. All it takes is will and action !

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