8 Different Masks To Protect You From Covid 19 This Winter

The Covid 19 pandemic is raging unabated and promises to be around throughout winter and well into the New Year 2021. The dry, cold climate compounded by soaring pollution levels is seeing a spike in the spread of the infectious virus – with the common cold and flu adding to our challenges.

The need to maintain social distancing and to mask up has never been as critical as it is now. While we’re all accustomed to wearing masks now – winter chill, smog and (!) winter wardrobes now demand a mask “refresh.”

The good news is that closely woven fabrics – especially cotton, are still your best bet when it comes to face masks. Cotton cloth masks are eco-friendly, comfortable and effective. Summer Masks were all about light cotton weaves, pastel colours, delicate embroidery and finishing. Winter Masks are all about double and triple layers, weaves that enable warmth, fits that fully cover one’s nose, mouth and chin in comfort and style.

Team WorldArtCommunity is thrilled to present our recommendations for Artisanal Masks for Winter.

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It’s all about Solids

Clockwise from top left: Solids Pack of 3Khadi Cotton MaskEgyptian Cotton MasksMangalgiri Cotton Masks

Winter wardrobes are all about dark colours. Blues, Greys, Blacks, Occasionally Browns. Match your colours. Or create a pop of colour with a monochrome outfit to make your style statement. We’ve got a range of solid coloured masks in handwoven, organic cotton fabric in double and triple layers for warmth and protection for you this winter.

Denim Rocks

Left to Right: Double Tan Stitch MaskBlock Print and Marble Mask

You can’t go wrong with denim fabric and double stitching. This is your fail-safe mask option that will match your denim jeans and jackets for coordinated style.

Silken Warmth

Clockwise from top left: Eri Silk Cotton MaskPack of 4 Reusable Silk MaskReusable Kantha Masks

Silk weaves keep you cool in summer and warm in winter. Our heritage of silk weaving – enables us to bring you masks woven in eri, Kantha, and handmade silk fabrics. For lightweight yet optimal warmth and protection in neutral shades, prints and textures.

Festive Christmas Feels

Clockwise from left: Red Checked MasksRed Handloom Ikat MaskHand Embroidered Mask

We’ve got a selection of masks in all the colours of Christmas in a range of pretty designs. Complete your Christmas look with our selection and enjoy the festivities !

Handmade with Love and Crochet

Clockwise from top left:  Crochet MasksMulticolor Crochet MasksCrochet Masks with Floral Motifs

Taking the concept of handmade to the next level – and crocheted with care and love. Our artisans are always looking to innovate and create crafty versions of everyday essentials. Our crochet masks are just what you need to stay warm while supporting our artisans this winter.

The Cult of Camouflage

Clockwise from top left:Camouflage Print MaskPack of 3 – Camouflage MaskPrinted Face Mask

Camouflage prints are used by the army to blend in. But we love to use them to stand out. And we can’t have enough of this cult fabric. Pick these up for your teen. Or match yours with his for some bonding together.

Knit Comfort

Knit Mask

The ultimate in comfort – our knit fabric masks stretch to sit comfortably yet snugly on your face. Available in packs of 4’s, these are your essentials for a safe winter.

Artisanal Expressions

Clockwise from top left: Chappa Block Printed MasksDongria Kondh MaskKantha MaskHand Embroidered MaskGreen Hand Embroidered Masks with Potli Bag

Our artisanal masks sustain our community of artisans and offer hope for a better tomorrow.  Hand-embroidered with sequins, pretty motifs, Kantha stitch and Kutchi embroidery, hand-painted in Madhubani and Pattachitra folk art – this is one investment you can make in your well-being and in the future of our artistic partners.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about our edit of Winter Ready Face Masks. They’ll keep you warm and safe and comfortable no matter what. And that’s what really matters doesn’t it ?

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