Recycle for Sustainability

We’re all aware of the need to go green and to lead a more sustainable lifestyle. But it’s most difficult to change deeply entrenched habits and to transition to a space where one is mindful of the impact we make on our environment.

We can go green in many ways. By refusing to consume a new product. Or by repurposing it for new and different uses or even recycle it – by turning it into a new and different avatar.

While the business of recycling today has few takers – our seller partner De’Dzines has a different perspective. They believe in completely doing away with the use of new material in their production – and use waste material that would be dumped in landfills.

High Bar Chair

What is most interesting is the use of discarded tyres – which are an environmental hazard – but the creativity and efforts of  Vaishali Biyani, founder of De’Dzines, have enabled her to create a unique and zero waste line of furniture and décor items such as coffee tables, office chairs, lounge chairs, swings, planters, stools and more – using tyre scrap as raw material.

Arm Chair Set

Operating on the basis of a zero-waste belief with the aim of either recycling or giving a fresh life to products, using waste material, De’Dzines have re-defined conventional thinking and have set an example by accepting challenges and proving their worth.

At WorldArtCommunity we are extremely proud to support like-minded partners – who believe in leaving behind a better world for our children.

Explore their unique range of sustainable décor and furniture here!

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