The Charming Art of Hoop Embroidery

What is Embroidery? To put it in simple words, it’s the art of creating decorative designs and motifs  on fabric using just a needle and thread. The magic is in the different types of stitches and their use in creating a finished piece of Embroidery – which can be as rough or fine as one wants it to be.

The story of Embroidery is old as time – it has existed in some form or the other, in every culture across the globe. The craft of embroidery has always  found its place as a rich and intricately detailed form of embellishment on clothes of royalty and also of the privileged. Over time, this art began to reach the common man and is now used into everyday clothing and objects.

Friends Together – By Vyoman

The Art of Hoop Embroidery is one such modern example of an inexpensive display of embroidered artwork as a new decor trend. Along with experimental cooking, DIY practices, Hoop Embroidery or Hoop Art received worldwide recognition, triggered by the desire to craft handmade things during the worldwide lockdown caused by the pandemic.

Christmas Embroidery Hoop by The Stitchery Room

The slight irregularity, uniqueness and varied look and feel and texture in a handmade product is what makes it more appealing. And Hoop Embroidery is no exception. Creators have been picking up simple motifs or messages or quotes and crafting charming and homely Hoop Art expressions for use as wall art or home decor accent  – that can be strategically placed. What was once considered as an artistic expression – has now  become a  therapeutic, meditative and relaxing process for some. And a new way to cater to the need for trending home decor pieces for others.

Dawn – By The Stitchery Room

The age-old tradition of stitching floral and traditional motifs, or even heartfelt messages or motivational quotes encased in a wooden hoop has now become the new cool. With the option of personalised and customised  motifs and dates and quotes – Hoop Art  has taken the  world by surprise. . Innovative crafters are now pushing the boundaries of the craft with innovative expressions such as 3D stitchery  where the embroidery extends beyond the traditional circular ring and brings the threads and design alive.

Together We Grow – By Vyoman

At WorldArtCommunity we are proud to partner with creative sellers who are creating innovative, personalised and fabulous designs and bringing alive the craft of Hoop Art with their embroidery,  while playing their part in sustaining this  craft form. Explore their work and put in a request for a customised piece if you wish.

Together we can make this much more than a decor trend by doing justice to this as a craft form that has bought hope and joy not just those who create it – but also to those who’ve made it an integral part of their lives.

We hope you will too.

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