Style An (Almost ) Effortless Sunday Brunch

Not so long ago – weekends were about endless Saturday nights where we partied like there was no tomorrow. And a lazy Sunday mid-morning would have us making tracks to a favourite restaurant where a lavish brunch would be the centre of everyone’s attention.  Here many happy and fulfilling times were spent and memories were created. If hangovers ruled – ordering in a brunch was a great option.

All this seems like a lifetime ago doesn’t it ?  Beginning with the “ lockdown “ and then extended phases of “ unlock “ – we’ve been pretty much at home. Making the best of what we have. What has kept us going – is cooking for ourselves and our loved ones. And sharing everything on  Instagram ! Different food trends have kept us engaged – be it Dalgona Coffee, Banana Bread, sourdough baking and floral focaccia … and what’s coming next – who knows ?

We’re trying to slowly inch back to normal – in the safe social bubbles we create with close friends and family that afford opportunities for us to safely mingle and socialise. There’s no better time than now to take your entertainment game a notch above with an intimate brunch for those who matter.

A brunch is a great way to enjoy a cosy meal with family and friends. And it need not involve too much time or effort. In fact this is one meal that you can truly enjoy hosting with minimal effort and maximum fun.  We’ll show you how ! Read on for more.

Lay Out a Fine Table

It’s important to decide a theme for your table. Keep in mind that a brunch is a fun and relaxed meal with a casual vibe. Keep things minimalistic or go floral. Or dip into a colour palette that could be eggshell blue or candyfloss pink or butter yellow. Or keep it pristine white. A solid base can be offset by contrasting mats, runners, napkins with mix and match accents to add a fresh and happy feel.

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Stay Focused on Your Centre piece

Centre-pieces can bring joy as well as serve as a decorative accent. Flowers in elegant vases or quirkily shaped accents are excellent choices to use as they create a sense of balance and focus. A great tip is also to place the tallest item in the centre of the dining table. Your most well decorated and impressive dish can also become your table centre-piece- with smaller accessories or ornaments or flowers placed around it for contrast.

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Prep Ahead & Serve in Style

You can prep an appetising menu along with themed drinks for a hearty yet relaxed meal, keeping with the overall vibe. It can include a lot of stuff that can be prepped beforehand and laid out at the time of serving.

Think artisanal breads, quiches with the season’s freshest ingredients- baked the day before. Think exotic cheeses and cold cuts sourced from your favourite charcutier and served on your best platters. Think salad greens and bowls of fresh fruit laid out in a self-serve setting for everyone to help themselves. Perhaps the only thing you may need to worry about is cooking up a stack of fresh pancakes or gourmet style scrambled eggs right at your table courtesy the joys of induction cooking.  Don’t forget the details – sauces, seasonings, jams, spreads, dressings – to add that extra element of pizzazz and flavour to your menu.

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Liquid Nourishment Rocks

Scour the recipes online and mix jugs of sangria. Or serve a light, fruity punch. Stock some bottles of light rose wine. Lemonade and iced tea for the younger generation is great. A selection of teas and gourmet coffees in your best tea and coffee sets – are a must for those who can’t do without their morning caffeine kick.

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Sweet Nothings are Everything

Top off a fabulous and satisfying meal with sweet temptations. A tea cake in light vanilla or cinnamon can be most enjoyable. Or serve up a mix of cupcakes or tarts – in unusual flavours such as lemon and orange. Sophisticated tastes will adore dark chocolate or mints.

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We hope this blog post will inspire you to create a stylish Sunday brunch for your loved ones. A brunch which would seem to have involved a lot of time and effort – but one that you would enjoy putting together and hosting it as well.

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