7 Ways to Channel Minimalist Home Décor Style

The Concept of Minimalist Home Décor

The essence of minimalist home decor can be summed up in just one word – simplicity. 

The concept translates into use of clean lines, subtle colours and basic shapes and forms. Created using less stuff for more space and a sense of calm. Because Less for Minimalists – is More.

In the words of British designer John Pawson, Minimalism celebrates “the excitement of empty space” – where everything exists because it has a reason to be there.

What’s not to love about All Things Minimalist?

For starters – it can make small spaces appear larger. Minimalist décor elements such as artistic shelves & racks furniture are timeless and never go out of style. They are easier to mix and match and manage for creating a complete room setting. Not to forget what you’ll save by not buying too many things that will only add to effort and clutter and maintenance in the long run.

How to create a Minimalist Style?

Create this by following these pointers from our in-house design team

  •         Work around the existing architecture of your home. Use it as a décor element – by highlighting it and not concealing it
  •         Since we need to keep our aesthetics simple- carefully examine each element – be it fabric, furniture, accents – and really think about why they are there and what role they play in adding to our Minimalist style. Or do they take away from it ?
  •         Declutter as much as possible – and invest in classy storage such as handcrafted shelves & racks for what you cannot do away with. Not just for the sake of appearances – but also keeping an easy cleaning and maintenance routine in mind in the long run.
  •         Less is More. Live by this mantra. Always. It may be difficult to follow – but it will bring you the richest rewards.

Explore Minimalist Home Décor Elements

Here are 7 ways in which you can begin to create Minimalist Home Décor – assuming you are able to declutter a whole lot of other stuff which may not fit in with the theme. Explore our selection of carefully curated artisanal home décor accents – that can bring a Minimalist feel to life – in your spaces


The Minimalist approach focuses on Bare Essentials – so pick Lamps with clean lines to see the light!

Featuring From left:  Geometric Pendant Lamp, Contemporary-Abstract Lamp, and Glistening Metal Drop


Well-crafted, subtle, and statement-making – that’s Minimalist Furniture. 

Featuring clockwise from left: Colour Pop Bark Table, Classic Tex Wood Table,  Sweet Red Button Stool and Vintage ConsoleTable

Indoor Planters

Minimalism goes with both monochromatic and pops of colours – showcased in our range of minimalist planters. 

Featuring clockwise from left: Ayaka Metallic Gold Planter, Square White toned with red tinge Planter, lassic Cubix Black Planter and Yellow Round Minuscule Planter


Rethink ordinary objects – combine minimalism with quirkiness in our range of wall and table clocks!

Featuring clockwise from left: Orion Table Clock, Pink & Blue Clock, Vintage Skeleton Clock, Twistic Table Clock


Minimalist designs in rugs focus on simplicity – clean lines, light colours, and functionality!

Featuring clockwise from left: New Zealand Wool Alois Rug, Hand Tufted Minimalist Blue Rug, Fine Line Elburg Rug and Statement Admir Style Rug


Simple yet stylish shelves for visual balance.

Featuring clockwise from left: Bold-Colourful Floating Shelves, American Wood Step Shelves, Rustic Wood Shelves, and Designer Sheesham Wood Stand

Wall Art

Minimalism does not mean a lack of embellishments – it just prefers one focal point as seen in our wall-art selection!

Featuring clockwise from left: Pastel Abstract Canvas Wall Art, Caila Lily on the wall, Geometric Static Sign wall and Sterling Aluminium Leaf Art


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