Defining Jewellery Pieces for the Festive Season

All of us do have a part of our wardrobe meant exclusively for festive occasions.  And it’s equally necessary to have jewelry to complement one’s festive look – be it ethnic, contemporary or a mix of both.

This season – step up your game and keep the focus on statement jewelry pieces in sync with today’s trends. Or break away from tradition and experiment – using your own creativity to create your own signature style – instead of imitating someone else’s.

Mix up pieces, create surprises, take risks  –  be the ultimate in cool. Keep folk around you guessing, as you win the season with a creative yet effortlessly well-put-together look.

You can make a beginning with our stylish recommendations in both artistic jewelry and precious jewelry. Both of which offer one-of-a-kind bespoke or limited edition pieces. Mix wearability with surprise for that element of stand-out style this season.

Pop of Colours:

Inspired by the Colours of Life – we’ve handpicked a selection of colourful, handmade, contemporary art jewelry expressions, for a pop of colour to offset pristine white outfits or add pizzazz to colourful ensembles. We’d suggest styling an entire look around your favourite piece of colourful jewelry!

Make a colourful splash ! Featuring from left clockwise: Sunshine Tribal Necklace, Rainbow Beads and Resin Stone Danglers


Rooted in royal traditions of our past – the craft of kundan jewelry is one that’s a treasured and essential part of our jewelry boxes. We’re thrilled to bring you intricately designed and accessible kundan and pearl jewelry – just right for a special occasion. 

Gorgeous expressions in Kundan Jewelry. Featuring from left: Kundan Pearl Necklace, Kundan Dangler Hoops and Delicate Sparkle Earrings


Bold, beautiful cocktail rings now make a statement as they make their way from street style trends to runway fashion and as bridal wear too. Score these in precious metals as well as in silver, duo-toned metal, brass and gold-plated silver crafted in contemporary designs for maximum effect.

Be bold and beautiful with our statement rings.Featuring from left clockwise: Bi-Finger Rainbow Ring, Sterling Silver Dual Ring, Gold Plated Brass Ring and Boho Oxidised Ring

Silver Ethnic:

Handmade in both pure silver and silver finish – embellished with beads and craft accents – our artisanal silver ethnic is a fail-safe style option for these festive days ahead.

Timeless ethnic silver jewelry

Caption: Timeless ethnic silver jewelry.Featuring from left clockwise: Temple Earrings, Tribal Flower Earrings and Traditional Silver Set

Traditional jewelry:

Jewelry crafted using traditional motifs such as peacock, lotus, gods and goddesses are a fail-safe option in both silver and gold finish options and pair equally well with ethnic and contemporary attire.

Inspired by our tradition and our heritage. Featuring from left: Kemp V Shape Necklace, Delicate Long Danglers and Meenakari Peacock Necklace

We just can’t have enough of these pretty baubles ! Explore these and the rest of our artistic jewelry selection in both ethnic and international designs. In a mix of bold and subtle pieces for everyday and occasion-wear.

This is Jewel-Art for the festive season up ahead !

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