Five Home Décor Trends You Need To Know in 2022

The year gone by had made our home a safe haven during tough times – any hopes of that situation
changing seem to have been rudely dashed by a certain virus! As we continue to work, live, and play
out of our homes – experimenting with our personal spaces can offer us a much-needed way to keep
things fresh and help us channel our inner creativity. Making our world a happy and cheerful space
to be in.

We’ve collated five of the best and the most important home décor trends with the help of industry
experts and our creative designers. Take a look at what this New Year has to offer when it comes to
styling your home!

Maximalism- is it

It’s time to stop being shy. Or making safe and low-key choices. Ditch the subtlety. You’ve got your
life. Make it large and max it out in the way only you can. Choose furnishings and accents that are
bold and striking. Vivid and contrasting colours, textures and materials can add to the maximalist
vibe and ensure statement spaces for your lifestyle.

Maximise style with these statement pieces. Featuring clockwise from top left: Tuscany Area Rug, Vibrant Cotton Cushion Covers, Bohemian Arm Chair, Tree of Enlightenment and Peck-Able Canvas Art

Let’s handle Curves

The trend is now all about soft, fluid and curved shapes and lines – which are very different from
angular lines and defined shapes. The trend of curves is about softness and is seen as being warm and
welcoming – that’s especially important in these challenging times.

Get comfortable with artisanal curvilinear decor pieces. Featuring clockwise from top left:  Distressed Coffee Table, Driftwood Center Table, Gentleman’s Sofa, Contemporary Copper Light and Vintage Reclaimed Drum Table

Keep it Earthy

We all yearn to go back to our roots – cherishing our past and trying to relive it in its most true form
possible. Capture the feel in the form of earthy tones, nature-inspired hues, and pieces
that fit naturally into our environment. Bring back the wonder years and the joys that came with it.

Choose earthy hues that bring you close to nature. Featuring clockwise from top left: Earthy Khesh Cushion Cover, Aranton Hemp Pouf, Churchill Reading Chair, Handpainted Miniature Art and Reclaimed Wooden Lamp

Something Old, Something New

It’s human nature to want to be different and to create one’s own individual style. The trend that
manifests this is one where we mix up the old and the new. Be it in design, in accents, in colours,
fabrics, and materials used. The two sides come together to contrast and complement each other –
and create an elevated signature style .

Experiment when you pair the old with the new. Featuring clockwise from top left: from Artistic Storage Unit and Artistic Furniture collection –Handcrafted Reclaimed Cabinet,  Vibrant Ruffled Cushion Cover, Multicoloured Floral Bedsheet, Antique Spanish Lamp and Handwoven Narden Pouf

Keep it Sustainable

Staying indoors for the better part of 2021 has taught us to live more sustainably and appreciate
all things natural. Using sustainable and biodegradable materials like wood, hemp, cane and sourcing
products locally takes precedence over unsustainable items and products especially those sourced or
purchased from far-off locations.

Choose sustainable living with our environment-conscious picks. Featuring clockwise from top left: Reclaimed Wooden Trunk, Tridell Hemp-Wool Rug, Contemporary Bamboo Lamp, Rajasthani Design Wall Art and Concrete Confetti Planter

As life remains in a one-step-forward-two-steps-backward mode – we will still look ahead with hope
and faith but with no let-up in our safety and prevention protocols. Tweaking the old saying a little…
“ When life gives you lemons, paint walls yellow and live it up a little.” We hope you’ll be able to look
ahead and start planning your interiors and reward your home a little – for continuing to offer you
protection and sanctuary in this year.

Have a Happy 2022 !

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