How to Pick the Perfect Coffee Table?

If you’re looking to give your living room or any other part of your home a quick refresh – consider investing in a stylish, artisanal or even a quirky coffee table. They’re an easy and relatively inexpensive way to add some personality and flair to your spaces. But remember – coffee tables take lesser priority than say – sofas or carpets or even curtains. They come to mind only after the sofas and the other seating in a room have been finalised.

It’s also easy – to get swayed by good-looking, one-of-a-kind artisanal coffee tables available these days. Which may or may not be the one most suited to your needs. And while there’s a variety of designs, materials, shapes and finishes to choose from – you need to keep a few factors in mind before you make your coffee table selection. Our craft experts and creative stylists have put together this definitive guide – when it comes to choosing the ultimate coffee table for your home.


Make your coffee table an integral part of your decor settings! Featuring from left: Acropolis Coffee Table and Mangowood Cayman Table

What will you be using the coffee table for? Will it see everyday use in your family room or den or study with family members moving around it during workouts and movie marathons? Or will it be a stylish element in your formal living room – used perhaps when entertaining? Will you be using it to show off a treasured collection of coffee table books? You can also choose to set up a coffee table against a wall and style it with treasured photos in exquisite photo frames, indoor plants, lighting accents and treasured artefacts. You can opt for a sturdy, functional design with or without storage or a unique, elegant, minimalistic option that offsets your room décor. Or even anything in between – the choice is yours.


Don’t get limited by wooden coffee tables – explore our recommendations in glass, leather and more! Featuring from left clockwise: Recycled Wood Coffee Table, Iron Framed Coffee Table, Vintage Leather Coffee Table and Tree of Life Glass Table

A standout coffee table can add a polished feel and appearance to your room. Choose one to coordinate with existing materials and furnishings – or use it as a stand out element to make it a conversation starter. Explore our selection of materials as varied as wood, metal, glass, and leather in one-of-a-kind designs.

Size of the Coffee Table

The size of your coffee table can make or break your settings – so be super careful and follow our guidelines! Featuring from left: Industrial Sleek Coffee Table and Dyson Hex Coffee Table

Consider the size of your room, plus available space for the coffee table. Consider scale as well as actual measurements when buying. Select a coffee table that is no more than two-thirds your sofa’s total length. Do remember to leave enough room around your coffee table for leg space. At least a foot and a half between the table and the sofa is good. Your coffee table should be the same height as the seat of your sofa or lower.

Shape of the Coffee Table

Experiment with curves and shapes – don’t get limited by anything that’s routine! Featuring from left clockwise: Turin Rectangular Coffee Table, Walnut Finish Square Coffee Table, Bradford Distressed Oval Table, Wooden Oak Coffee Table Set and Abstract Hollow Coffee Table

Remember that rectangular or oval shapes work in smaller rooms and spaces and square or round coffee tables are good for large seating areas and spaces. If you have enough breathing space available in the area designated for your coffee table – you may want to consider irregular shapes and edgy designs that break convention.

The Setting of the Coffee Table

Figure out where you will be placing your coffee table – then find the one that works best for you! Featuring from left: Marion Coffee Table Set and Cube Coffee Table


If you’re buying a coffee table for the living room – you can get away with delicate, smaller, stylish designs and sizes. Anything being picked up for a family room would need to be more functional, sturdy and possibly minus any sharp edges or corners – especially if you have kids in the house. Colours may also matter – especially if you want your coffee table to blend in with your room’s colour palette or to contrast with it.

Bring home the perfect coffee table. With a bit of help from us today.

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