A Guide on Turning Mirrors into Wall Art for your Home

Mirrors have been an essential part of our homes – but in mostly a functional avatar.  A recent trend is that of using Mirrors as a decor element  – to style a wall,  add a focal point of interest to a corner,  address principles of Vaastu or Feng Shui or even to add a sense of space and light to a room.

The mirror was invented by Justus von Liebig in Germany in the year 1835, and found logical use in dressing and bathing areas. Today – a strategically placed mirror can reflect light in multiple directions or settings of choice – to create an illusion of larger, brighter, beautiful spaces. Artisanal mirrors created by designers – in different materials, shapes, colours and designs – make for stunning wall art and add artisanal style to one’s home.

It is important to choose a mirror that goes  well with your decor – be it the colours, furnishings, furniture and the entire decor theme of the room. Then there is size, design, shape, material and finish. All these aspects need to be considered – so that one chooses a mirror that makes one feel good every time one sees it. Read on to find out how you can choose the best artisanal mirror for your rooms and settings.

Mirror Shape

Let differently shaped mirrors make a style statement.Featuring clockwise left to right: Bamboo Squircle Mirror, Red Sunburst Mirror, Rustic Rectangle Mirror, and Mystic Metallic Hexagon Frame

It’s simple – choose a shape that resonates with you. The most preferred shapes for mirrors have traditionally been square and rectangular.. Even Vaastu Shastra recommends the usage of these shapes as they evenly reflect light and energy. Ensuring that the vibe of the room is optimally balanced – creating a light and happy feel.

You may want to experiment with a circular mirror. Or, you can make a bold choice with eclectic shapes ( check out our sunburst wall mirror for instance ) – that can be conversation starters.. Shapes like say – a hexagon, or mirrors with curved borders can add the feel of mirrors as an art form – and stylishly so.  

Mirror Size

Change the vibe of your room by playing with mirror sizes.Featuring clockwise from left:  Art Deco Wall Mirror, Brass-finished Circle Mirror, Wooden Antique Statement Mirror and Small Mangowood Circle Mirror

The size of the mirror should be logically decided upon – as per the space available. If there is enough space on your wall, go big and bold with a large statement mirror. Large decorative mirrors with colourful borders can be used as focal points in living rooms. For walls with limited spaces, smaller mirrors are a good choice. Even a small oval or circular mirror can be a charming accent .Smaller mirrors may even ensure focus on certain key areas of your room – if they are strategically placed. 

Mirror Styles

Choose artisanal style that will bring you joy every day.Featuring clockwise from left: Lippan Art Mirror, Mosaic Wall Art Mirror, Distressed Cartwheel Mirror and Antique Handcarved Mirror

Mirrors come in all sorts of designs and styles – limited only by the creativity of their designers and artisans. Mirrors with antique style frames and in vintage designs will go beautifully with retro decor style. Or you can opt for minimalist designs in copper, iron or silver. Metallic framed mirrors are also crafted keeping in mind industrial designs which are popular amongst the millennials. Craft based designs using Mosaic Art and even traditional Lippan work and add a colourful accent to one’s spaces. The choice is yours and depends upon your decor and taste.

Choose artisanal style that will bring you joy every day.

Mirror Placement 

Place mirrors so as to make the best use of objects or settings reflected in it. Featuring clockwise from left: Amante Wall Mirror, Vintage Minaret Mirror, Anais Wall Mirror and Floral Tiles Wall Mirror

The placement of the mirror is crucial – when it comes to creating impact and style. The reflection in the mirror is an opportunity to further accentuate a corner, a patch of green or even to increase brightness in an otherwise dull area. So, make sure your mirror reflects something of value and beauty. One trick is to place the mirror opposite an exquisite piece of wall art  – this way, the mirror will reflect the object beautifully. You can even place the mirror in a way that it reflects an outdoor garden. This can easily bring nature indoors. A strategically placed mirror in an entrance foyer – can also be of immense value to those coming in – or stepping out. After all – who would mind a last minute peek at oneself ? 

Mirror Arrangement

Mix and match mirrors with similar shapes or contrasting shapes and styles – to create an art installation feel. Featuring clockwise from left: Bamboo Squircle Mirror, Mangoowood Circle Mirrors and Octagon Wall Mirror

Mirrors can be a single statement piece – or as part of a larger installation of differently sized mirrors in an aesthetic arrangement over a larger wall space. Mirrors with different types of frames can also be paired together to create an eclectic look. The arrangement can also be a mix of small and large sized mirrors. Such a set-up can be created as per the lighting arrangements in the room.

In either case – a stylish setting can be created – once the mirrors are paired with other decor elements such as a console table or a even a bar cart  – styled with plants and decor accents or crystal ware – to create the effect of a well- lived and welcoming space.

In a nutshell …

Mirrors can be an important part of home decor, especially when they are chosen carefully to amplify the style and energy of your interiors. Explore myriad mirror designs and installations available on  World Art Community and create impact and style for your interiors.

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