Lay a Beautiful Table for a Beautiful Meal Time Experience

Nowadays, everyone turns to social media for solace, inspiration, and sharing – whether it’s experimenting with family recipes or trying our hand at popular dishes from across the globe. We’ve also realised that anything and everything can be prepared at home. And so we’re having more meals with our families and posting all about it on our social media handles. While the food tastes good, the presentation also matters. Some pretty linen, artistic furniture, contrasting crockery, quirky accents- basically, stuff lying around can all be put together to create memorable dining experiences at home!

So let’s get you and your table ready for those Instagram-worthy shots in just four steps:

Lay on the foundation:

Starting with the basics, the base or the foundation of any decor always plays the most important role. In this case it is the table cloth, do ensure that is the highlight of the whole setting. Try using solid colours based on seasons, say, during the summer time, we can keep it light yet bright and beautiful and during autumn and winters, earthy and warm colours can play an important part creating a cozy display.

Layer it up:

A quick and easy way to liven up the table and add focus to a setting is with the help of a table runner. It should always be contrast with the base layer i.e. the table cloth. Matching your table runner with napkins and simple table decorations and decorations is a quick way to add a dash of class to your dining table with minimum fuss.

Centre-pieces are crucial:

Centre-pieces can bring joy to the room as well as serve a decorative purpose. Showpieces, flowers, candle holders, and vases are excellent items to use as centre-pieces for table decor as they create a sense of balance. A great tip is also to place the tallest item in the centre of the dining table. Your most well decorated and impressive dish can also become our table centre-piece with smaller accessories or ornaments or flowers placed around it for contrast.

Don’t have flowers, go rustic:

If you can’t find flowers, then you can go rustic and raw with a glass bowl filled with lemons or limes, for a burst of colour. You can put candles or lanterns in the centre of the table or scatter pebbles, rocks or shells for a nautical vibe.

Add some drama:

Adding new or different ingredients for extra flavour in food and turning out something fantastic is a done thing. Likewise, in decorating! Turn up the drama quotient by adding extra edgy and decorative accents- be it a stylish set of napkin rings, handmade ceramic plates, a statement decor accent, large branches in a tall vase or or wall accents – that can add that extra something to your decor.

Make the most of your time together- and make your meal times extra special. Because food cooked and served with love needs a setting that does justice as well. Do it your way, add your style, let it speak your language in the best way you know how!

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