Six Ways to Style Shelves like a Pro


They’re an essential part of our homes. On walls. In cabinets. Within side tables. Attached to our bed headboards. They are everywhere around us and we take them completely for granted. Because all we do is look out for them only when we have to put something on them.

Our creative team and décor experts have a vastly different take! They see artistic shelves and racks as an opportunity. As a blank canvas that can be worked upon and styled with planning and a bit of love –  to create a statement space – that one would love to look upon every day. A space that lends itself to continuous and small changes that are innovative and creative – depending upon one’s mood. You can choose to go formal and proper, keep it relaxed and casual, go ethnic or mix and match stuff to create your own unique ‘shelf-style.’

All you need to do is read on – to know about the Six Pointers that can help you Style Shelves around your Home like a Pro!

First – Decide on a Layout

Every shelf doesn’t need to have similar stuff lined up in the same way. Ditch the concept of stiff and repetitive styling across your shelves especially if they are close to each other. Keep some aspects similar and the others different. Be it the number of accents that you group together, the height of a collection of say- candles or curios. Or even juggle shapes and materials. Mix and match. Move them around. Play with placements. Observe from different angles. And then go with what resonates with you.

Shelves can have a single statement-making piece  – or groups of two or three curios or accents.  

Consider height when styling these almost miniature spaces. Place similar sized accents on one shelf, creating a graceful, horizontal line that catches the eye. On another – place a taller accent in the centre between two shorter pieces, creating a pyramid. Or place them in ascending or descending orders – to keep things visually interesting.

In case you feel things are getting cluttered, remove a few things – and evaluate how the new space looks. If the shelf looks just as good or even better with less stuff and more breathing room, you have your answer. The less stuff that is on display – the greater will be the focus on it.

Let your Shelf Layout guide you

Picture Credits: Love grows wild

Create a Colour Palette

It’s important to get a fix on a general colour palette. Decide if it needs to match with the overall room décor or create a contrast. This can then help you select stuff and keep it cohesive. Spot similarities and colours, shapes and textures. Again keep it matching or contrasting.

You may want to use similar materials and colours from one family – say wood, rattan and bamboo in shades of brown, tan and cream. Add a different colour – say – green to create an element of surprise. You need only be limited by your imagination.

Set the tone with your chosen Colour Palette

Choose Unusual Accents – Artwork, Sculptures,  Studio Pottery

A shelf is the last place one would consider displaying a work of art.  But you can add interest with a small-sized edgy digital artwork or a miniature painting to create an element of surprise. Want to add another element of surprise? Pick out a sculpture from the work of an artist that speaks to you and give it pride of place in a formal shelf setting. Offset prized artworks with statement studio pottery in a colour, texture shape and size of your choice that can be as decorative or practical as you wish.

Work the Obvious with a Twist – Quirky Bookends, Pretty Planters, Memories in Statement Photo Frames  

Mix up the practical with the beautiful. Show off a prized collection of books with edgy, hand-made book ends. Place them by height, colour, size or even by collection ( remember Harry Potter ? ). Stack them horizontally and top them up with a pretty planter that hosts your favourite succulent.

Choose miniature planters in edgy shapes and revel in being a plant parent even when indoors. Keep your loved ones and precious memories close to you – captured in artisanal photo frames in wood, silver, gold and rose gold finishes. Remember to shop for all these accents on

Don’t Forget to Keep it Practical

Stay organised –  because that’s what Shelves were originally meant for. Experiment with hand-made platters, trays and baskets to help store stuff and keep things in place.  From where they can be easily found !

Ensure everything stays within ( easy ) reach

Use a Show-Stopper

Show off an unusual one-of-a-kind show-stopper. An heirloom vase? A goldfish in a bowl? A statement lamp? Signed artwork? The possibilities are endless. Work with a single piece and build your shelf concept around it.

Start a Conversation

The Bottom Line

Styling shelves can be fun and you can style them in so many different ways. The trick is not to get confused and to follow your instincts and go with what appeals to you. After all – this is all about what you like, what you possess and how you’re able to bring it together in your own unique way. Make sure you check out the artisanal hand-made décor accents showcased here on before you get started on your shelf styling journey! Enjoy!

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