The Prettiest Artisanal Rakhis for Rakshabandhan 2022

As we look forward to the beginning of the festive season this year – beginning with Rakshabandhan in August it’s a time to reaffirm bonds of love – with the tying of a ‘Rakhi’ around the wrist of a brother by his sister.

With time – and as there are new spins on tradition – we now have the trend of tying a ‘Lumba’ on the wrist of a brother’s wife – and recognising the space she occupies in his life. We’ve also seen friends tying a Rakhi to each other – symbolising their promise to be there for each other. In some families – we’ve seen Rakhis being tied to loved ones – be they a parent, a child or even a mentor or guru. So its pretty much about one’s faith and love for someone who matters and who one can rely on at any time.

As the festival approaches – shopping for a Rakhi is an obvious item on your shopping list. Given the challenges that come with stepping out – we encourage you to shop from the safety and convenience of your home and choose a statement handmade Rakhi for your loved one/s by buying Rakhi Online.

Ditch the usual conventional designs and check out our Rakhi edit – curated especially for you by our creative team. From embroidered to eco-friendly to plantable to silver Rakhis we have a huge selection for you to explore and choose from.

These gorgeous one-of-a-kind pieces will not only get you brownie points but also help your loved ones make a ’gram worthy statement in both real and virtual worlds. Choose what strikes you and have it delivered to your doorstep . Or have it sent to your loved ones well ahead of time. Shop the best Rakhis online this Rakshabandhan ! Only on WorldArtCommunity !

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