Trending Cushion Cover Design Ideas in 2022

Cushions and Throw Pillows are pretty standard part of our home décor. So what is the big deal about exploring style ideas and trends for something so basic and one that we take pretty much for granted ?

The Big Deal about Cushion Covers

For starters – changing cushion covers is the quickest and easiest way to give a room a style refresh. Some of use change cushion covers with the seasons – light pastels in cotton and linen in summers that get replaced with rich fabrics and embroidery during winters.

We’ve Spotted Trends in Cushion Cover Design

If you do like to keep track of what’s trending in the world of interior design – then you’ll want to check out the 5 Key Trends in Cushion Cover Designs that have been spotted by our creative team – as they discover new and contemporary expressions in all sorts of textiles and motifs and colours that merge the traditional with the contemporary.

There was a time when our mothers and grandmothers would work regularly with the needle and thread – lovingly crafting beautiful pieces for their homes – and today we rely upon artisans and crafts-persons to create beautiful handmade cushion cover designs with embroidery, trims in prints and solids in all colours of the rainbow.  

We do recommend you spend a bit of time and effort – scouting around for the right cushion covers for different rooms in your home. It is ultimately about the details after all !

Check out 5 Different Cushion Cover Trends in 2022

Expressions in Luxury – hand-embroidered, hand-painted by skilled artisans in silk and linen – Featuring clockwise from top left – Green floral embroidered cushion cover, Pichwai cushion cover set, Royal Teal Cushion Cover

Formal Luxury

Seek out rich and luxurious expressions in silk, velvet and rare weaves. You can choose from designs that are intricately hand-embroidered or use techniques such as applique – in lustrous tones with intricate embroidery and trims in gold, silver or even subtle metallic tones. Just what you would need for your formal living spaces.

The Timeless Beauty of Ethnic Indian Motifs – Ambi, Mughal, Gulab Booti. Featuring clockwise from top left – Gulab Bagh Set of 2, Love of the Summer-Blue Paisley, Cotton Red Block Print Butti Cushion Cover Set

Traditional Indian

For an ethnic Indian settings – we’re loving options in bright ‘ desi ‘ colours  – block printed or embroidered using traditional Indian motifs such as the paisley, the Mughal boota, the rose, the tree of life and more – crafted in both cotton and silk.

Go Bohemian with Macrame, Pom Poms, Funky Edgings & Trims. Featuring clockwise from top left – Bohemian Style With Pom Poms, Flora Curtain Macrame Cushion, Multicolor Embroidered Bohemian Tribal Pillow

Boho Chic

Bohemian style brings out the free-spirit that lives in all of us. You can go all-in and dive deep into eccentric colours and non-symmetrical patterns, just like Hippies once did ! Check out expressions in Macrame & Fabric woven in bright colours with trims and accents that can add character to a room and give it a personality of its own.

Keeping it Casual – for Everyday Style around the Home. Featuring clockwise from top left – Bosqet Intense Cushion Cover, Dash Foggy Dew Cushion Cover, Liner Embroidered Camel Cushion Cover

Casual & Cool

Everyday style that’s ready to take on the rough and tumble of work and play ( and the antics ? ) by an extended family – pets included. Consider options in hard wearing cotton and hand woven fabrics in prints and trims for a TV room, study, home office family room or even a bedroom.

Distinctive Prints and Weaves – Aztec, Moroccan, Ikat. Featuring clockwise from top left – Rust Aztec Cushion Cover, Ikat Print Indigo Pillow Cover, Grill Teal Cushion Cover

Singular Weaves & Prints

Nothing speaks more about one’s style than something that’s distinctive. We love standing apart from the crowd with expressions in prints and weaves from all parts of the world – be they Aztec, Moroccan , Ikat and more.

Snuggle Up !

We invite you to snuggle up with cushions and pillows dressed up in style – in sync with the Cushion Cover Design Trends in 2022. Shop our varied selection, Only on

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