A World of Light: Diyas, Tea lights, Candles

Today, with the hustle culture overwhelming our way of life, we frequently forget to stop and enjoy the little things in life. Some of us are the exception. We travel back to our roots by immersing ourselves in traditions and rituals that bring us true peace.

Lighting a lamp or diya is one such endeavour that truly elevates a spiritual experience and brings about an aura of positivity.

The Essence of Lighting a Lamp

 Around the world, light is mentioned in a wide variety of religions and cultures. It is always connected to righteousness and purity. It is also thought that light drives away evil spirits and darkness. It plays a significant role in many rituals and celebrations, particularly those held in India.

 Every religious event, ceremonial celebration, and daily act of worship must begin with the lighting of a deepam or a diya. The lighting of a lamp symbolises Agni – it destroys ignorance, unhappiness, and darkness while enabling the grace and divine energy of the Almighty throughout one’s space.


Diyas are an essential part of most festivals. They represent knowledge and wisdom. Without the lovely earthen diya, Diwali celebrations are incomplete.

The cotton wick in a diya is thought to represent the human spirit, while the five vices of human life—desire, wrath, greed, attachment, and ego—are symbolised by ghee or oil. So, lighting a diya represents the destruction of the five evils. Terracotta and brass diyas in unique designs are much sought after – because of their aesthetics and utility.

Today, terracotta diyas are used widely in Indian houses and at celebrations such as Deepavali.It is common to use these “fancy diyas” not only in one’s rituals but also as decor accents – because of their intricate designs.

Featured from top left  clockwise – Diyas for a lit evening
Gingko Candle Brass Diya Set Petal Glass Diya Set Set of 4 GheeBatti Diyas.  

Metals like brass and silver conduct positive energy well. Brass and silver diyas are thus commonly used in temples and homes during puja and celebrations. To bring good energy into your home, Vastu Shastra advises using brass diyas in the colors blue, green, red, dark blue, or pink.

Tea Lights & Diya Holders

Tea lights – are a relatively modern trend – and emanate an air of serenity that is not necessarily a religious one. They are a modern take on traditional lamps and lend themselves to everyday use. Creative minds have turned scented tea lights and candles into a home decor essential.

Indulge in our artisan-made statement tea light and diya holders that add a touch of elegance to one’s home decor.

Featured from left clockwise – Make it festive with – Lotus Cluster tea light holder,  Wall Lotus Holder and Beautiful Candle Tea light holders 

Candles & Candle Holders

 Gone are days when candles were a staple item in every household, only to be lit up during power-cuts. Now they add a stylish touch to home decor with their many shapes, sizes, colours and fragrances.

Featured from top clockwise – Bring home some fragrant magic – Soy Wax Scented CandleSterling Scented Candle Set Intuition Candle 

Candle holders and stands, with their charming designs, are a quick way to give your living space a touch of beauty and elegance.

Featured from left clockwise – Play of light – Handmade glass bowl lanternMughal Textured Hollow square Candle Holder Tinted glass hurricane lamp

Diya or candle Sets

Diyas and candle sets are timeless and useful gits that may be used for self-care, home décor, or for adding a lush luxe feel to one’s home. Browse through these innovative diya and candle sets and be delighted.

Featured from left clockwise  – Bundles of joy –  Cerra T-light holders
Set of Katori- Lota and Jyot  Dor Scented Candles.


Diyas, tealights, candles can transform your space and mind both aesthetically and spiritually. Choose unique pieces that truly reflect your soul and fit right into your indoor aesthetics. Shop all these and more on www.worldartcommunity.com

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