Make a Grand Entrance this Diwali

Your entrance and perhaps also a foyer area – if styled with care and love – can set the tone for a feel -good celebration. Something that’s much needed to elevate everyone’s spirits.

Whether you choose to express yourself with humble but handmade terracotta love from the local potter down the road or bring out your favourite once-every-year gleaming décor accents chosen with your eye for style – there are many ways in which you can mix and match what you already possess and offset it with a new and special piece to truly bring the spirit of celebrations home.

Pujo and Diwali may be about a lot of things and they can mean different things to different people – but a festive décor setting can make a world of difference and add to the vibe of your spaces. Our creative and design team have come together with their recommendations for creating beautiful  artisanal and joyous festivities this year.

A Great Door. A Great Impression.

A door or doorway needs special attention – in order to create a great first impression and set the tone for the rest of your home experience. It also speaks about your taste and your attention to detailing. Ensure your door is sparkling after a deep cleaning and a polishing so that it forms a neutral but elegant backdrop for all the sparkle you plan to add on or around it.

Delightful Doorways

Depending on your taste and the rest of your home décor – add a sparkling toran above the door – for an auspicious beginning. Extend the colours and designs with ropes of flowers and decorations – either using faux or real flowers and colourful decorative elements. Add a bell with a charming tinkling tone to a door handle to keep tabs on entries and exits

Festive Handmade Torans.
Featuring from top: Ranee-Bandhanwar, Handcrafted-golden-crochet-Toran and Aum-Bandhanwar

Light It Up

Pick up strings of fairy lights and drape them over your plants for a charming festive feel. Embed a hook in the ceiling on the side of the doorway to hang an antique finish brass diya or dhuna. Which you can light up for a great atmosphere – especially in the evenings. Take your lights indoors and use them creatively around or on your furniture, windows and more.

Spark the Light of Hope and Joy with handmade Lights and Diyas.
Featuring from left clockwise: Red-green-string-lights, Petal Glass Diyas and Tealight-Holder.

Go Green

You can add evergreens and indoor plants to planter stands as individual pieces or group them artfully for a fresh green feel. Add flowering plants or a bunch of air purifiers in decorative planter stands for effect.

Bring your World Alive with Fresh Greenery.  
Featuring from left clockwise: Planter with wooden-stand, Handmade Wooden Indoor Planter, Native-American-Figurine and Aviva-Planter

Get Colourful

Obvious choices for the festive colour palette are shades of red, yellow and gold – but you can also work with rich purple or subtle shades of matte gold and silver. Make your welcome truly auspicious by drawing a simple “ kolam “  or use a ready-made rangoli or make one using stencils with “diyas” or tea lights strategically arranged for that golden glow !

Invite Prosperity and Good Luck into your home with Festive Rangolis.
Featuring from left clockwise: Red GlassTrendy Tealight Holder, Pichwai Cow And Lotus Rangoli, and Rangoli Tealight Holder.

The Arty Welcoming Foyer

Make this space truly special with a strategically placed Lord Ganesha idol for auspicious beginnings. Add bunches of fresh, fragrant flowers in vases or in bowls or an “urli” – as an expression of respect and devotion. A festive “thali” with a glowing “diya” can offer a floral welcome with a “ teeka “ and  “prasad“ for special guests. Make sure you strategically place bowls of sweets and savouries to offer and create an expression of abundance and welcome.

For Positive Vibes and Blessings, explore our Festive Accents selection.
Featuring from left clockwise: Shankh Ganesha Grey, Lotus Stem Urli, and Saanjh Decorative Tray

So get inspired. Use your creativity and our suggestions to give your home entrance the love and care it deserves this festive season

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