Style your Walls with Photo Prints this Season

Art is a powerful way to transform the look and feel of a room. When used well, art can bring in new energy, and add a pop of colour, and style. The trend of Photo Prints as Art is one that taps into the talent of the photographer and creator – and offers versatile choices that can enable you to experiment with your interiors.

Why Photo Prints?

The emergence of the digital age has helped us to store thousands of digital images on our devices. But printed images are special – and can never be too old. The use of photo prints in one’s interiors can brighten things up. You can choose any photo prints that catch the eye – portraits, landscapes, travel – literally anything that can add life to your home or office. Photo prints are still relevant because they represent your personality and serve as a visual reminder of what is meaningful to you.

How to include Photo Prints in your Space

Once you consider adding photo prints to your walls, there are a few things that will help you to get started with the process. First, you need to decide which part of the house you want to put the prints. You need to check if there’s enough blank space on your walls where you can hang up the prints.
Besides, it is also crucial to understand which place is suitable for what type of photo prints. For instance, one can use landscapes, garden scenes, ocean views, abstract art, or floral art for the bedroom because these can give off a softer, relaxing feel. Also, make sure that the furniture, colour schemes, and other items in your interiors complement the pictures.
Preferred spots for installing photo prints could be above a piece of furniture, such as the bed or the sofa, at the end of a breakfast nook, or arranged in a cascading fashion along a flight of stairs.

How to lay out your Photo Prints

While displaying photo prints your walls, it is important to hang them in a way that looks elegant and aesthetically pleasing. Layout decisions must be taken in the beginning. You can either decide on the pictures first and then choose the layout or vice versa – depending upon the space available, the setting, the lighting in the room and the mood you wish to create.
Here are a few hacks that will help you to choose layouts for photo prints:

  1. For expansive spaces, select big photos and for narrow spaces, choose long and thin photo prints. If you are considering adding prints along the stairwell, combine large and small photo prints.
  2. Always match the scale of the other items in your room with the size and layout of your prints. Otherwise, it can make your place look crowded. For instance, if you already have a large piece of art over the sofa, hang a similarly-sized print on the opposite wall. You can also add multiple smaller prints together instead of one big picture. It will help create a sense of balance in the room.
  3. Arrange and check out prints on a table or on the floor before hanging them on the wall. It will serve as a trial evaluation – that will help you finalize the layout.
  4. Don’t hang prints too high or too low – instead hang them at eye level or slightly above -to create maximum visual appeal.
  5. Spacing is equally significant – especially when it comes to prints with different subjects and styles. Ensure they are spaced apart for optimum impact.
  6. A collection of photos can be displayed as individual images grouped together – in the form of an arrangement or installation. Or individual photo prints can be used as recurring wall décor throughout a room.

Mix and Match the Prints with the Room Décor

If you have prints of human faces or idols, do not forget to add abstract art or nature-based artwork to create a contrast.
You can also color coordinate or offset things. One easy way to do this is to use only monochrome images for a room that has vibrant colours – to create a compelling contrast.
The key to making the most out of photo prints is to add things that complement them. For instance, if you have a picture of the sea on the wall above a sofa, add a couple of blue cushions or a blue throw for effect.
Also, coordinate existing decor items with photo art prints. If your décor has a lot of patterns and designs, choose prints in neutral colors, that have blank spaces, and possibly single subjects.

Taking care of Photo Prints

Prints are typically taken out on photographic paper and they are fragile. Therefore, it is necessary to frame prints correctly and take proper care of them to avoid any damage. 

Let’s get started!

Our photo prints catalogue at World Art Community consists of a hand-picked collection of compelling images from photographers and artists that can make a difference to your spaces. Choose what catches your eye and get started!

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