Home Décor Trends 2023

A brand-new year that’s closer to normal that we’ve ever been in these past few years is just the time for a room or space refresh. This is just the opportunity to add a fresh new vibe and style with a bit of help from us. Our creative team and merchandising teams have spoken with our artistic partners, interior designers, stylists and industry experts and have come with their take on the Top Interior Design Trends for 2023.

Our take on this listing is a broad set of fresh trends. One can use this for full scale refresh or figure out how to do a mini design upgrade. Pointers for colours, styles, accents – whatever works for you can give a room a fresh look and feel without too much effort.  Read on and be inspired.

Statement Lamps

Featuring from left- Candela Table Lamp, Kalash Table Lamp

Lighting is a game-changer. We love how floor, ceiling, table lamps can create a circle of warmth. Statement Lamps in unusual designs in vivid colours and glossy finishes will rule. Traditional patterns in fabrics such as linen – in muted shades with detailing such as pleating will be trending.

Stripe it Up

Featuring from left- Wayne Rug, Day and Night Stripes

Stripes are going to be creating a statement with their graphic and bold presence. They’ll be used as a contrasting design element – in the form of wallpaper, textiles or paint or even in the form of soft furnishings or décor accents.

Statement Rugs

Featuring from top- Webrin Rug, Saraswati Global Carpet

Conservative thinking will stick with the tried and tested shades of beige – but the trend of treating rugs as functional floor art is one that we’re loving. A statement rug or carpet that speaks – can bring any room together. Spread the magic anywhere in your home for statement floors.

Gold that Glows

Featuring from left- Metal Leaf Tree, Gold Chess Set

The Gleam of Gold was always timeless. It’s now back to add a splash of riches and luxury to our spaces. However – the trend has moved away from elaborate gold edged mirrors and figurines. We’re now looking out for gold candlesticks, decorative sculptures, curios, trays and coasters with gold edging and motifs.

Nostalgic Design Returns

Featuring from left- Stria Console, Horus Vintage Lamp

While we may seek to include the latest décor trends in our home – it’s a fact that retro design is timeless. It can be all about simplicity yet reflect the richness of the past. Vintage style furniture, bold upholstery and chandeliers are a great way to get this look and feel. Use of nostalgia themed art – that can include prints, posters can create a statement as one can reminisce about movies and music from the days gone by. The trend can also be implemented with a few judicious inclusions in one part of a room – for impact.

Art Deco Elements

Featuring from left- Tangerine Embroidered Pillow Cover, Criss Cross Lamp

Our creative partners are excited about the trend of incorporating art deco trends in to our décor. Think rich colours, shiny accents and statement furniture that stands out.

Another key element is the use of large art-deco style wall mirrors that amplify the light and space of a room. For a less elaborate and more intimate space – experts recommend the use of statement accessories – such as vases, frames and objets d’art with touches of gold for elegance.

Art Deco glamour is all about honouring the past, celebrating the present, and making subtle-yet-powerful shifts to add a touch of glam to your home.

Colour of the Year 2023 – Viva Magenta

Pantone’s Colour of the Year, is Viva Magenta 18-1750. It is a shade that originates in the red family and is all about strength. Viva Magenta is brave and fearless, and a vibrant colour. Its exuberance signifies a joyous and optimistic celebration, and presents the opportunity to create a new narrative.

Go Magenta this year with our selection of magenta themed accents.

The New Year 2023 promises to be one where we can discover ourselves anew if we grow and learn with the new opportunities that are coming our way. And while you’re at it – explore what Team WorldArtCommunity has in store for you and your world and be delighted.

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