6 Ways to Score Home Décor Goals this Season

The year 2023 is already flying by and there’s much we need to do if we are to keep up with things – let alone outrun them.

When it comes to Home Décor we took a  look at the Trends for 2023 in our blog post here – and they’re pretty much impossible to ignore with their presence all around us – in shops, public and workspaces and via influencer content that slides through our social media feeds every day of our lives.

Well – you may or may not choose to go along with all that’s trending – but there are easy ways in which you can add a little extra special something to your home design without too much extra effort and resources. All with a bit of help from us – as our curators and creative folks have waved their magic wands to bring you collections of their favourite home décor ideas and accents for you to enjoy and buy.

Explore, take your pick and watch the magic unfold in your world.

Wall Plates

Featuring clockwise from top left:Latvian Wall Plate,Misty Morning Roses Wall Plate,Pichwai Art Wall Plate

Once synonymous with English country homes  – decorative and hand-painted wall plates hung on walls as a single piece – or grouped in multiple pieces according to a theme or colour – are no longer seen as an old-fashioned thing. The trend has gained in popularity, and the prints and motifs seen in wall plates could range from Pichwai Art to traditional Indian motifs to contemporary designs and modern art. Themes such a florals, or colour blocking or travel- centric expressions are finding favour too.

Antique Style Furniture

Featuring clockwise from top left:Stria Console,Vintage Bar,Reclaimed Richard Cabinet

While quality antique furniture may defy the laws of economics and availability – our artistic partners are skilled in terms of design and craftsmanship.so that you can bring home that vibe by picking up vintage style furniture reproduced using similar materials and crafting techniques. Explore and discover timeless finds for your home.

Installation Art

Featuring clockwise from top left:Rocking 80s Wall Art,Traya Wall Mural,The Divers Set

When we treat our walls as blank canvas and enable artistic creativity to run free – Installation Art can be created using Paintings, Sculpture, Objects, Drawings and Images. Artists, Sculptors and Creators purposefully place two or three dimensional-objects in an arrangement to create a unified experience or appearance of a (mostly) large-scale design which may be placed indoors or outdoors.. Art Installations are mostly appreciated by art connoisseurs and lovers as they can fully understand and appreciate both its creativity and execution.

Coloured Glass Art

Featuring clockwise from top left:Toucan Mosaic with Floral Tiara,Hummingbird Suncatcher,Crimson Forest

Imagine – all sorts of breath-taking art using glass. Glass that is hard, unyielding and yet unbelievably fragile. The simplest technique is about painting glass objects. Additionally there is stained glass work carried out on windows and in the form of paintings, moulded glass, sandblasted glass, glass blowing, mosaic art and more. Check out our selection of Glass Art – creatively designed and painstakingly crafted in our unique selection.

 Quirky Curios & Accessories

Featuring clockwise from top left: Thinker on a Ladder, Museum Mask, Red Hot Pot

Look beyond the obvious. Explore quirky curios and accessories that are always a joy to behold. Mix them up, Create a twist, Show them off !

Statement Pieces

Featuring clockwise from top left:Zigzag Art Piece,Butterfly Stack,Hollow Coffee Table

Be it furniture, art, craft, accessories or weaves –  statement pieces are art that is meant to be lived in, worked in, experienced and enjoyed. Especially when it is crafted to exacting standards, enabling creative design – using a mix of sustainable yet eclectic materials with fabulous results.

So come, explore and score with us. Create harmony, experiences and memories that are special and lasting. Shop on www.worldartcommunity.com

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