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Blooming Beauty Coin Ring $24.32 SHIPPING & HANDLING: $3.33 DISCOUNT: $0.00 TIME TO DISPATCH: 3-5days AVAILABLE ITEMS: 4 DELIVERY METHOD: Courier




Material : original vintage coin, brass
Dimension : 1" x 1" ring top and size is adjustable
Quirky ring of the original vintage coin molded in flower shape showing bharat writing on both side and pearl inset . Story behind the collection- "The tinkering sounds of old era coins passed on to us through the journey our grandparents and their ancestors carried. The nostalgia of ek aana , do anna, chavanni which we used to get from them. No matter what age we are at the moment the faded shaded memories of the past keep bumping into our lives. How about experiencing the era of our parents, grandparents all over again. What could connect you to that era more, than the currency of that time? the coins which have passed through your own ancestor's hands. Anetra' brings to you the vintage collection of that era to get you again close to The Old India, your own India." Ring- Adjustable

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	 								Anetra was conceived out of love for edgy, sassy,coarse, fun, alluring hues and expressions, garnished with the unique flavors of India. Anetra is a humbling timeless joy ride where we assiduously amalgamate the old schools of art and craft with the designs and trends which are contemporary and 'in'. We craft our products by directly working with grass root community based expert artisans in different parts of the country. That gives our products the unique local charisma and essence, cocooned within the shimmers of contemporary glamour and style. Each of our products narrate an interesting st...
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