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Classic White Wall and DoorDecor $70.83 SHIPPING & HANDLING: $16.65 DISCOUNT: $0.00 TIME TO DISPATCH: 3-5days AVAILABLE ITEMS: 5 DELIVERY METHOD: Courier



Material : Natural Botanical Material
Dimension : Diameter - 48 cm
Our all time classic Christmas Wreath! This charming handcrafted wreath is made of natural dried hardy flower pods. Understated yet bright and festive . . . Very sophisticated! Hang it on your main door, in your porch or verandah, above a mantle piece, or even your sideboard for an instant festive makeover. Each piece is unique as it is handcrafted and made with natural botanical material. Therefore, each piece will be delightfully different in small ways. Great attention is given to detail and finishing in order to give you a distinctly superior product.

 100% natural. 100% handmade. *Easel shown in not a part of the product

ABOUT ForestKraft

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	 								ForestKraft is an artisanal home decor venture.
Motivated by our love for all things natural, we innovatively use dried flowers and other beautiful forest blooms like pine cones, fruits and pods to create charming pieces of home decoration.
Earthy textures, foresty feels, floral aromas . . . all come together to rejuvenate our customer’s home. This is our little way of bringing the outdoors, indoor and adding a bit of
natural beauty into their space.

All our products are completely organic and natural.
Each piece is carefully handcrafted and great attention is given to detail and fini...
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