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Fuchsia and Wasabi Panchi Set with Jhumkas

Fuchsia and Wasabi Panchi Set with Jhumkas $23.33 $16.67 SHIPPING & HANDLING: $33.33 DISCOUNT: $6.67 TIME TO DISPATCH: 3-5days AVAILABLE ITEMS: 5 DELIVERY METHOD: Courier




Material : Polymer Clay
Dimension : 40 cm length
This Pendant set is made of Polymer Clay and is extremely durable and light-weight.

String Type: Organza String

Length (Excluding Pendant): 40 cm with extendible chain

Pendant Size: 6 cm diameter

Earring Size: 3 (width) x 3 (height) cm

Type of Earring: Jhumka

Country of Origin - India

ABOUT Loucrative Crafts

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	 								 Based in New Delhi, Loucrative Crafts designs jewellery from polymer clay which is an imported clay. 
After designing, it is baked which then hardens. It is more durable compared to other types of clay and it's colour is long-lasting and doesn't fade away.
We customize jewellery as per your designs and you can also customize colours from our set of designs.
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