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Khadi cotton tunic with natural dye batik print

Khadi cotton tunic with natural dye batik print $41.67 $41.25 SHIPPING & HANDLING: $33.33 DISCOUNT: $0.42 TIME TO DISPATCH: 3-5days AVAILABLE ITEMS: 1 DELIVERY METHOD: Courier




Material : Khadi cotton, handspun and Handloom with batik
Size : L, XL
Bold and abstract batik hand print on khadi handloom cotton. Basic shape for all occasions with unique band gala/mandarin collar synonymous with our Indian khadi kurtas (loose tunics) that are worn every day in hot climate. Wooden buttons and shirt sleeve has cuffed opening. Natural dyes for colour - Black from Iron water and deep Red from Alzirine. No harmful chemicals used. Skin friendly and environment friendly. All sizes available. Custom order welcome. #khaditunics #batiktunics #batik #handprinted #abstarctprint #handspuncotton #ecofashion #ecofriendly #skinfriendly #sustainaletextiles #sustainablefashion #sustainability #sustainableliving #notoxins

Country of Origin - India

ABOUT Indigo Amour

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	 								Indigo Amour means love for color Indigo. This is how the brand was started - design with eco-friendly natural dyes on handloom fabrics. 

We make casual dresses, tops and stoles using organic Kala Cotton (desi kapaas) with khadi process where yarn is spun by hand and not machines. 

We also make hand embroidery based draped sarees and dresses in contemporary fashion. These are unique dresses that I drape myself in my studio. Each design is one piece only. 
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