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Kutch Pop Satchel $23.32 PRODUCT CODE: 11.5x8x4 Inches . SHIPPING & HANDLING: $16.67 DISCOUNT: $0.00 TIME TO DISPATCH: 2-4days AVAILABLE ITEMS: 5 DELIVERY METHOD: Courier



Material : Jute/Kutchi Shawl
Dimension : 11.5x8x4 Inches
The flap is hand woven by artisans from Kutch,Gujrat India

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	 								We are a Startup from India which focuses on tribal arts and unique leather products which are loosing their shine against digital printed commodities. We have our own design studio, manufacturing unit that enables us to provide the best quality and authentic products across the world. 

Our vision is to rejuvenate the Indian and worldwide tribal art and give that art a platform to reach out to the customers and people who value them. We focus on matching and combining the tribal art merchandise with today's fashion.

We cater to the Indian and the global markets. Hope you like u... Read More