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Lota water jug (white)

Lota water jug (white) 1,550.00 SHIPPING & HANDLING: 100.00 DISCOUNT: 0.00 TIME TO DISPATCH: 2-4days AVAILABLE ITEMS: 8 DELIVERY METHOD: Courier



Medium : stoneware clay, brass, jute yarn
Dimension : Height – 16 cm Width – 8 cm Volume – 700 ml
Today, we all lack time! We wouldn’t wait for picking up a glass, pour water into it from a Matka or bottle and then relax our thirsty throats. On regular intervals, we fill our tumblers and directly toss water from top into our mouth or drink similarly out of a refrigerated plastic bottle. Moreover, we are dehaatis and we have this skill to drink water this way, often surprising the outsiders on “How we do that!” The Lota Jug can be used exactly the way we use our plastic bottles at home. Instead, this one is more natural, healthier and yet a cool way to drink and store your water. It’s handy like a glass, cool like a matka and stores enough as much as a bottle does. Be original, be Dehaati!!! Inpired from Anjariyo Karasiyo, a traditional water jug used for drinking and storing water was traditionally made in the village of Anjar. A popular form and product of utility among the locals in Kachchh, it is still seen in many houses as a metal one. The coiling of hemp on the belly is again inspired from the roots of the region where water carriers were always covered with hemp sacks to keep the water more cooler.

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	 								Dehaati introduces a range that is Dehaati by material, skill, and nature. Made from the most local and pure material clay, we bring back the tradition of pottery and potters from Kachchh.
Dehaati works with other hard material crafts as well such as wood and metal workers in Kutch.
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