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Madhubani hand painted dupatta 10 $53.33 $41.67 PRODUCT CODE: DMCS10. SHIPPING & HANDLING: $25.00 DISCOUNT: $11.67 TIME TO DISPATCH: 9-14days AVAILABLE ITEMS: 1 DELIVERY METHOD: Courier



Material : cotton silk
Dimension : 2.5metres,width-37cms
Hand painted Madhubani dupatta depicting krishna in a playful mood with his gopis. 1. It is painted using acrylic colours. 2. There might be small imperfections owing to the painting technique used to paint this dupatta.Therefore you can never find two exactly same pieces,thus making them unique.

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	 								Madhubani Art is a folk art from the state of Bihar and adjoining regions of Nepal. It is as ancient as the Ramayana.

We aim to help art forms rediscover their lost glory by making continuous innovations and educating artists. We aim to make relentless efforts to empower and enrich the life of artists who solely can keep the fire burning.

Our Aim
1.	To preserve and promote this folk art form of India which has won endless awards like Padmashree.
2.	To provide a platform to artists so that they have a wider customer reach worldwide
3.	To empower women and girls who solely depend on thi...
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