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Marble Natural Stone Wine Glass pair set of 2 $58.33 PRODUCT CODE: shruti0021. SHIPPING & HANDLING: $50.00 DISCOUNT: $0.00 TIME TO DISPATCH: 2-4days AVAILABLE ITEMS: 2 DELIVERY METHOD: Courier



Material : Marble Stone
Dimension : 12 cm Height
Vintage style Wine/ Champagne Glasses, made with natural Marble Stone gives a very Royal and Rich look to your Kitchen and Dining. These glasses are in excellent condition with very smooth and glossy finish. Package Contains: 2 Piece Marble Wine Glass Dimention: Standard Size Wine Glass Dia : 7 cm and Height: 12 cm Color Glass 1 : Natural Brown Color Glass 2: Natural Green Material : Bidasar natural Marble Stone Bidasar is a natural stone marble found in Rajasthan, India. Also called rainforest green/brown marble. Bidasar marble is highly valued for its beauty, strength and resistance to fire and erosion. A very appealing Eye catching, ethnic, Antique traditional style master piece . Minor color and design variations are possible in hand carved and natural stone products. So if you are about to buy two of the same item, slight differences of color are to be expected. It can be used for serving your favorite wine!! Marble is beautiful and strong but also fragile. Treat it with love because it's breakable. Don't forget that little stains and marks only add character to your marble piece. Embrace it. Just like wine it develops a wonderful character with age.

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	 								The Journey started with me and my three childhood friends  Neelam, Ajay and Amrita. Like all art lovers, we wanted to give a new start to our all time favourite work - playing with stones, and that's how imamdastaa was born,
its not our profession , its our love with handcarved stones, hand paintings, hand looms and many more.
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