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Pebble paper weight - Flamingo

Pebble paper weight - Flamingo $5.67 PRODUCT CODE: CC-PW-FL. SHIPPING & HANDLING: $3.33 DISCOUNT: $0.00 TIME TO DISPATCH: 0-2days AVAILABLE ITEMS: 46 DELIVERY METHOD: Courier


Pack Of


Material : Brass + Pebble
Dimension : 12.5 x 6 x 7 cm
-Contains – one pebble base with a brass Flamingo motif -Pebble’s shape, size and colour-tone – may vary considering the non-repeat form of Nature

Country of Origin - India

ABOUT Chatur Chidiyaa

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	 								Chatur Chidiyaa introduces well thought and deeply understood concepts of handmade processes that harmonize with nature. 'To be a green business that encapsulates innocent materials and ingenious ways merged into the product to offer an increased user experience that eventually connects people with place.' 

It redefines the bridge between the effective ways of manufacturing and the human demand to live better with great products around. The users receive a lot of functional products with a tantalization to care about nature!
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