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Sprout Maker- Set of 3 pcs

Sprout Maker- Set of 3 pcs $20.00 SHIPPING & HANDLING: $11.67 DISCOUNT: $0.00 TIME TO DISPATCH: 20 days AVAILABLE ITEMS: 0 DELIVERY METHOD: Courier



Material : Terracotta
Dimension : 7 inches diameter
Sprout Maker consists of 3 Terracotta pieces, that encourages healthy diet by easing out the process of Sprouting pulses. -Lid: has a tiny hole, helps in air circulation & maintaining the inner temperature of the vessel. Also it avoids any ant/insect to enter the vessel. lid has intricate geometrical illustration on it - exclusively hand done. -BOWL: containing washed pulses. Idea is to avoid dipping these pulses directly in water, so they sprout gradually in a moist environment. Since terracotta is a porous material - it soaks in just enough water - that is required for the pulses to sprout. -BOTTOM BOWL: Contains water, works like a reservoir. Also, all the 3 pieces can be used as vessels to eat these fresh sprouts / salad from. Enjoy your healthy meal. Do share your experience :) *price is for one set of 3 pcs - two bowls and a lid

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The studio celebrates ceramic & glass - the two incredibly beautiful earthy green materials. 

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