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Triangle Metallic Black Geode Agate Coasters - Set of 4 $33.32 PRODUCT CODE: RR11. SHIPPING & HANDLING: $8.33 DISCOUNT: $0.00 TIME TO DISPATCH: 0-2days AVAILABLE ITEMS: 1 DELIVERY METHOD: Courier



Material : Resin
Dimension : 4.5 x 4.5 inches approx
These are coasters with Metallic Black pearly sheen tones with silver foil flakes... inspired from natural agates and geodes. Set of 4 More About the Style 1. Agate / Geode Cut triangle abstract coasters with 4.5 inch width / length approx. 2. Handmade and made with love! 3. Each piece is unique. No two coasters will ever look the same owing to the nature of the technique! The product you receive might have slight variations from the images here, due to the art style / technique chosen for these coasters, even though the same colors and method is used for all. Please also allow for slight color discrepancies due to everyone’s monitor brightness and screen tone being different. Rest assured, only the best materials are used to make each piece lovingly. If you would like to see the exact piece that you are about to receive upon placing your order, please feel free to ask for a picture of the same before it is shipped. More About the Materials Used 1. High quality, food contact safe resin. 2. Resin pigments 3. Silver foil flakes. More About Care 1. Best cleaned with damp cloth. Do not over soak in water. Avoid chemical-heavy cleansers to retain the sheen and gloss. 2. Do not use hard scrubs and other abrasive materials to prevent scratches. 3. The coasters are extremely durable even though the finish resembles that of glass. Treat them with a lot of love and they will last you a long, long time! **Even though I use food-contact safe resin, I still do not recommend putting food items directly on the coaster, even if it is biscuits. Please always use the coasters for keeping food or drinks only when it is in another container / wrapper / outer covering to avoid food reaction with resin** Please mention in note to seller during checkout for bulk orders and different color combinations.

Country of Origin - India

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